Weekly Pic #13


This week’s picture is one I made for my next game.  This is where you meet, or re-meet Ariane for the first time.  It is about as far as I have gotten so far.  Long ways away from finishing obviously.  Biggest change I have made is the Kitchen went from orange to dark blue.  It just looks better as a background color.  Full PNG can be found here, or at my Deviant Arts page.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Pic #13

  1. Snagfang

    Looks much better. Also the little details are nice (used coffee cup, snuggling dog..) looks very natural.

    1. I am making a new game, in fact I just posted some info on the discord. It is going slow because of work. I’m “essential” so no job loss here, but also working from home.

      My games have been averaging two years each. That is probably the same this time.

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