Moving In #3: The Puppy and the Hot Tub


Rachel: Why did you set up the hot tub out here?  We have two empty rooms.

Ariane: I like it here by the big window, feels like I’m outside.


Ariane: Dinky get down.

Rachel: I know you like to cuddle by us when we are sitting, but we can’t cuddle in the hot tub.


Rachel: Oh no, Dinky!


Ariane: Grab her, I don’t want her to drown.

Rachel: Dogs are buoyant and can dog paddle, she won’t drown.

Ariane: Yeah, but she’s just a puppy, I don’t know if she has ever been submerged in water before.


Ariane: Sorry Dinky, the hot tub is off limits to dogs.  Now let me get you nice and dry so you are not dripping all over the floor.



Ariane: She’ll be OK, she’s all scared a frightened.

Rachel: Poor Dinky, she looked so traumatized, I hope the experience didn’t scar her for life.


Ariane: I hope she learned her lesson and won’t be trying it again anytime soon.

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