What Celebrity Does the New Ariane Look Like?

In an effort to get more images of the new Ariane out there, as well as have a little fun, I want to try and answer a question that I have been asking myself since I finalized the new Ariane.  Is there a celebrity that she looks like?

The question hit me over the head while walking through a shopping mall and seeing the “classic” Ariane staring back at me through the display window at Ann Taylor.  It was actually a picture of Demi Moore, who between age and some plastic surgery did not look like the girl I remember from Ghost, but is now a spot on match for the old Ariane.  It kind of freaked me out a little.

So I decided I want to find a celebrity that looks like the “new” Ariane.  So I started my search where Ariane began with Audrey Hepburn. Three incarnations of Ariane’s ago I designed her to look just like Audrey, but various model changes kind of morphed her away from that ideal.  Does the new Ariane look at all like Audrey.  Well there is a little bit of a resemblance in general, but far from perfect.  If I were to attempt to make her look like Audrey now, the only thing I would not touch would be the nose.  The biggest difference is in the strong square jawline.  It is a seemingly masculine feature that looks weird on most women, but somehow Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie look beautiful with one.

So the next candidate for new Ariane celebrity look alike also showed up at my trip to a mall where I saw a promo poster for a new family film Dolphin Tale, and thought Ashley Judd could be a candidate.  Maybe it was the long black hair in the poster that made me consider her, because when I put the two together, there does not seem to be much resemblance…or is there?  Looking closer, the eyes are obviously way off, but nose, mouth, and jawline are pretty close. Hmm…

A better candidate would be Vanessa Hudgens, this young former child star from the Disney factory of young celebrities, was one of the hot chicks from Sucker Punch. I saw a picture of her online and thought she would be the one.  Going over the various pictures of her online however, convinced me she isnt.  Her problem is the exact opposite of Ashley Judd.  Her eyes are a perfect match, but Vanessa’s nose is wider, and instead of a slight overbite, she has a slight underbite.

Three examples of “almost” gave me an idea.  So thanks to MorphThing.com, I created a composite of Ashley Judd, Vanessa Hudgens, and Audrey Hepburn.  The results are the best yet!

There you have it.  Ariane is a composite of all three combined.

If you have any other celebrity suggestions, bring them up in the comments.

14 thoughts on “What Celebrity Does the New Ariane Look Like?

    • Because I usually associate Scarlett Johansson as a blonde I had not considered her, but she went brunette in Iron Man 2. Yes that picture is pretty close, though most of the time Scarlett has larger lips than Ariane.

      This whole exercise is a silly diversion of course, It is amazing how just slightly off all the “beautiful” women are from one another. The base head model I used for the new Ariane actually looks like another blonde actress Amanda Seyfried. I just made the eyes slightly smaller and closer, the nose and lips thinner, gave her a slight overbite, and raised the jawline, and now apparently she looks like Scarlett Johansson.

  1. Probably closer than you know. I think it is quite likely that the ‘golden mask’ is used as a ready-made blue print by people creating models used in 3D modeling. This ‘silly diversion’ has actualy turned into a most absorbing and diverse subject to research – thanks!

    • I have not made any new changes since Saturday, but because the images on my home page are tagged as background, and use the exact same file names as the old ones, browsers keep showing me the old images instead until I reload the page or clear my chache. Eventually all the new images should show up.

  2. Well, as there are no more entries, it looks like I win by default.
    Wadda I get huh? huh? Wadda I get?

    If I can pester you for a mo, could I ask you a question? I’m just dipping my toes into 3D and by happy coincidence DAZ Studio 3D 4 is free for a limited period – complete programme plus some models, skins, etc. Have you ever tried it and how does it rate against Poser? Don’t want to get off on the wrong foot…


    • I hear good things about Daz Studio. I have never really used it or tried it because I have been working with Poser since version 2 and I am very used to it, so I have no reason to switch, but I have seen amazing quality renders and animations coming from both programs.

      And because no one mentioned Shelley Henning, there are no winners.

  3. I noticed in your dating game that you hardly showed the lower half of Ariane
    missing out the ass legs and feet yet you model them so well will their be more of those shots in the new game?

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