Tue 30 September, 2014

10:49 eBay To Spin Off PayPal» Slashdot
In 2002, eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion in stock. Nowadays, PayPal's yearly revenues exceed $7 billion, and investors are worried that eBay and PayPal together are too big to compete effectively. (They're also too big to be acquired, which is on their minds after the ludicrously successful Alibaba IPO.) To solve that problem, eBay today announced it will be spinning off PayPal in 2015, creating two separate publicly traded companies. eBay's current CEO is stepping down, and each of the companies will have a new CEO. "As part of the separation, eBay and PayPal will sign arm’s length commercial operating agreements to work together, with payments on both sides for various referrals and services. That’s no surprise since about 30 percent of PayPal’s business is still on eBay, although that is down from 50 percent only a few years ago."

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10:49 HP Introduces Sub-$100 Windows Tablet» Slashdot
jfruh writes While Windows-based tablets haven't exactly set the world on fire, Microsoft hasn't given up on them, and its hardware partners haven't either. HP has announced a series of Windows tablets, with the 7-inch low-end model, the Stream 7, priced at $99. The Stream brand is also being used for low-priced laptops intended to compete with Chromebooks (which HP also sells). All are running Intel chips and full Windows, not Windows RT.

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10:39 Microsoft Unveils New Operating System, Dubbed Windows 10» WIRED
Microsoft Unveils New Operating System, Dubbed Windows 10

Microsoft has unveiled its initial work on the next version of the Windows operating system, calling it Windows 10. Revealed during a press event in downtown San Francisco, the new OS is designed to run across a wide range of machines, including everything from tiny “internet of things” devices in business offices to tablets, laptops, […]

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10:36 Steven Johnson: the flashbulb and urban poverty» Boing Boing

Over at Medium, Steven Johnson, author of How We Got To Know, writes about how the 19th century invention of flash photography shined a light on poverty.

"Flash Forward: How We Got To Know"

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10:36 Spotify goes live in Canada» Engadget RSS Feed
Canadians: you no longer have to jump through hoops (or hope for an early invitation) to check out Spotify. The streaming music service has finally launched in Canada, complete with an extensive collection of domestically-made tunes. As elsewhere,...
10:31 Ten worst opening lines in novels» Boing Boing

The American Scholar presents a list of the ten worst opening lines in novels. I don't agree with all their choices, but I agree that most are awful enough to make me abandon the book after reading the first sentence. Read the rest

10:26 Agent Carter Adds Captain America's Dominic Cooper, as Howard Stark» TVLine » TVLine
As anticipated — yet still worth noting — Dominic Cooper is set to reprise his Captain America film role as Tony Stark’s father on ABC’s Marvel’s Agent Carter. Marvel.com was first to report the news. Cooper originated the role of Howard Stark in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, then reprised it for the DVD […]
10:20 Pre-bent iPhone 6 Plus case» Boing Boing

Download and print Thingiverse user jerid's pre-bent iPhone 6 Plus Case!

10:19 Antarctica Has Lost Enough Ice to Cause a Measurable Shift in Gravity» WIRED
Antarctica Has Lost Enough Ice to Cause a Measurable Shift in Gravity

The study further confirms global warming is changing Antarctica in fundamental ways.

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10:17 Microsoft names next operating system 'Windows 10'» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

Microsoft CEO Nadella addresses the media during an event in New DelhiSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday the next version of its operating system will be called Windows 10. The system, expected to be released next year, three years after its last release, Windows 8, will be the "most comprehensive platform ever," said Terry Myerson, Microsoft's head of operating systems, at an event in San Francisco. (Reporting by Bill Rigby; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)

10:07 Microsoft's next OS is Windows 10, will ship later in 2015» Engadget RSS Feed
Instead of announcing the next version of its iconic operating system in front of a massive crowd of thousands, Microsoft chose an intimate venue with 50 or so reporters to launch the new Windows, which it's calling Windows 10. The company looks at...
10:02 Hackers face US charges for allegedly stealing Xbox, army technology» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in WarsawWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Four members of a computer hacking ring were charged in an indictment unsealed Tuesday for allegedly stealing more than $100 million in Xbox technology, Apache helicopter training software and other intellectual property, the U.S. Department of Justice said. Two of the hackers pleaded guilty earlier on Tuesday, the agency said. (Reporting by Aruna Viswanatha; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)

10:00 Bellabeat: A Fitbit for Pregnancy That Monitors a Baby’s Day» WIRED
Bellabeat: A Fitbit for Pregnancy That Monitors a Baby’s Day

Today, the company is releasing three new products that take advantage of women’s growing desire to track every heartbeat and pound gained.

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10:00 Street Fighter: Angry Goat Edition» Neatorama

It's not Goat Simulator, but an even more realistic game set in the Street Fighter universe. Insert two quarters to play. I recommend Angry Goat vs. Chun-Li for the most vigorous gameplay experience. 

(Video Link)

It's inspired by footage of an aggressive goat in Londrina, Brazil. Who should play the goat in the movie version of this game?

-via Tastefully Offensive

10:00 Pebble drops prices by $50 and adds continuous fitness tracking» Engadget RSS Feed
If you've been thinking about getting a smartwatch but haven't been persuaded to plunk down a lot of cash, Pebble's trying to make the decision a little easier for you. The watch maker is lowering the price of its full lineup by $50, which means you...
09:59 Tetris, the, er, movie» Boing Boing

“This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page," said production company Threshold’s CEO Larry Kasanoff. "We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes... What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance."

"A ‘Tetris’ Movie Is in the Works" (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

09:56 Con/Game: a story from the In Real Life universe» Boing Boing

To celebrate the imminent release of In Real Life, the graphic novel that Jen Wang and I created from my story "Anda's Game," we've collaborated on a comic about a con game in gamespace, just published on Tor.com. Read the rest

09:54 Weird 'Island' on Saturn Moon Titan Puzzles Scientists (Video, Photos)» LiveScience.com
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted an odd islandlike feature in Ligeia Mare, one of Titan's largest hydrocarbon seas. Scientists don't know what to make of the structure, which covers about 100 square miles.
09:46 Hertzfeldt's weird future Simpsons couch gag» Boing Boing

Esteemed animator Don Hertzfeldt's deeply strange and wonderful take on the Simpsons couch gag.

09:44 Matchstick and Mozilla Take On Google's Chromecast With $25 Firefox OS Dongle» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes Matchstick and Mozilla today announced their open-source take on the Chromecast: a $25 Firefox OS-powered HDMI dongle. The streaming Internet and media stick will be available first through Kickstarter, in the hopes to drive down the price tag. Jack Chang, Matchstick General Manager in the US, described the device to me as "essentially an open Chromecast." He explained that while the MSRP is $25 (Google's Chromecast retails for $35), the Kickstarter campaign is offering a regular price of $18, and an early bird price of $12.

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09:40 FCC unanimously rejects NFL's blackout rules» Engadget RSS Feed
Well, that didn't take long. We reported yesterday that the FCC was taking aim at sports blackout rules this week, and today the Commission voted to nix the "unnecessary and outdated regulations." For nearly four decades, policies kept pay-TV...
09:35 Apps: Fad or the Future?» WIRED
Apps: Fad or the Future?

There’s always discussion of “bubbles” when apps like SnapChat get lofty valuations. With a new raise at a valuation of $10B from KPCB, you can’t blame some observers if they balk at the company that has yet to present a clear business model or revenue streams. Rightfully so: app developers know that monetization or user […]

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09:34 Why Are So Many Volcanoes Erupting?» LiveScience.com
While volcanoes may not have “seasons” as we know them, scientists have started to discern intriguing patterns in their activity.
09:32 Hidden Risk? Marijuana May Be Bad for Your Heart» LiveScience.com
The link between marijuana use and heart attacks is strengthening, researchers say. In a new report, researchers conclude that a healthy 21-year-old man had a heart attack that was at least in part due to his marijuana use.
09:30 Guide to Star Trek Uniforms» Neatorama

Whether you have a little one who wants to delve into the world of Trek costumes for Halloween, you're into cosplay yourself, or you simply want to test your memory of all things Star Trek, here is the answer. Costume Supercenter created this infographic guide to Star Trek uniforms. Study the guide, get the materials and "make it so!" -Via Geeks are Sexy

09:22 Cats never have to empty the dishwasher» The Bloggess
Cats are very lucky because they can hide just about anywhere. I’m sure there are downsides, but it would be nice if when Victor was calling me to show me how I’d loaded the dishwasher wrong again I could just disappear, … Continue reading
09:21 Google gives students unlimited cloud storage» Engadget RSS Feed
Google's invasion of our classrooms (and its war on paper) continues unabated. Back in August in the search giant released an online education tool for teachers who wanted to digitally manage their classes, and now it's launched an improved version...
09:17 New Girl: Kaitlin Olson Sees the Sunny Side of Playing Jess' Future Stepmom» TVLine » TVLine
When a teenage Jessica Day flipped through her high school yearbook, little did she know that one of those pages featured her unlikely future stepmother: This week’s New Girl (Fox, Tuesday at 9/8c) introduces Ashley, the young new fiancée of Jess’ dad, Bob. Pros: Ashley is played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Kaitlin Olson, […]
09:09 The Most Decorated Cat in Military History» Neatorama

(Image via Maritime Quest)

On rare occasions, Britain's People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) awards a military decoration to an animal serving with that nation's armed forces. The Dickin Medal, as it is known, was established in 1943. At the beginning, it was mostly commonly given to pigeons that carried messages under fire. Many bomb-detecting dogs, such as this Labrador retriever, have also received this honor.

But only one cat.

That cat was Able Seacat Simon of the Royal Navy. He was the ship's cat on board HMS Amethyst, a frigate that was trapped on the Yangtse River in China for three months of 1949 during the Chinese Civil War. Simon was responsible for killing rats on the ship and maintaining morale.

(Photo: Acabashi)

At one point, the ship had been badly damaged and taken heavy casualties from Red Chinese artillery. Despite being sorely wounded, Simon kept working:

Simon was immediately taken to the medic, stitched up, and began a long healing process -- but the cat could hardly wait to get back to his military duties. The ship’s boilers and fans had shut down as a result of the onslaught, and the rats ran freely through the ventilation system; during Simon’s absence, they had infested food supplies, invaded living quarters, and made life a greater hell for surviving crew members.

Despite his injuries, Simon quickly got to business. His first night back, he had two confirmed kills, and within a few days’ time, he’d succeeded in clearing the deck of critters. But one foe remained: A gargantuan rat the crew had nicknamed “Mao Tse-tung.” For weeks, the scoundrel had avoided traps and gnawed his way through sealed food. Simon would have none of it. When the cat finally met his nemesis in the storeroom, he pounced, killed it, and proudly dropped it by the mens' boots. From then on, the crew hailed him as “Able Seacat Simon” -- the first (and so far, only) military title ever given to a feline.

When the Amethyst finally escaped to the sea, the Royal Navy awarded Simon a campaign ribbon. The PDSA bestowed a Dickin Medal on Simon. Sadly, he died before he could receive it. He was buried with full military honors at a cemetery in East London.

You can read more about Simon and his remarkable life at Priceonomics.

09:04 UN raises alert over neglected Ebola orphans» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Ebola outbreak has left at least 3,700 children in the hands of relatives who are too frightened to take care of them.
09:00 Mistresses Renewed for Season 3» TVLine » TVLine
The forecast for Summer 2015 is steamy with a high chance of exposed man-torso. ABC announced today that it has renewed its addictive sudser Mistresses for Season 3 — guaranteeing some resolution to the multiple cliffhangers faced by sisters Savi (Alyssa Milano) and Joss (Jes Macallan) and their close friends Karen (Yunjin Kim) and April (Rochelle […]
08:58 Hands-on with Nokia's Here Maps for Android» Engadget RSS Feed
When Microsoft finally completed its €3.79 billion acquisition of Nokia earlier this year, the company took control of its smartphone business, but left behind a number of Nokia's other powerful and profitable properties. One such property was the...
08:49 Fall Colors Spotted from Space (Photos)» LiveScience.com
Pictures from space show that fall is in full swing in parts of North America. Clusters of trees have shed their summer greens in favor of autumnal oranges and reds around the Great Lakes and New England.
08:44 Interview With Facebook's Head of Open Source» Slashdot
Czech37 writes Facebook may be among the world's most well-known tech companies, but it's not renowned for being at the forefront of open source. In reality, they have over 200 open source projects on GitHub and they've recently partnered with Google, Dropbox, and Twitter (among others) to create the TODO group, an organization committed to furthering the open source cause. In an interview with Opensource.com, Facebook's James Pearce talks about the progress the company has made in rebooting their open source approach and what's on the horizon for the social media network.

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08:44 Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks» Slashdot
sfcrazy writes Adobe is bringing the king of all photo editing software, Photoshop, to Linux-based Chrome OS. Chrome OS-powered devices, such as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, already have a decent line-up of 'applications' that can work offline and eliminate the need of a traditional desktop computer. So far it sounds like great news. The bad news is that the offering is in its beta stage and is available only to the customers of the Creative Cloud Education program residing in the U.S. I have a full subscription of Creative Cloud for Photographers, and LightRoom, but even I can't join the program at the moment.

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08:44 O2 now lets you charge iTunes credit to your phone bill» Engadget RSS Feed
O2 already has a number of deals in place that allow its customers to buy digital wares and charge the cost straight to their phone bill. It now has a new partner in Apple, as the carrier's "Charge to Mobile" program has been expanded to include...
08:32 There will be blocks: 'Tetris' is coming to the big screen» Engadget RSS Feed
If you've ever pined for a feature film about the beloved 80s classic Tetris, you're in luck. The Wall Street Journal reports that an adaptation of the popular game is on its way, thanks to Threshold Entertainment. While that studio may not...
08:27 Ratings: Castle Eyes 3-Year Premiere High, Scorpion, Gotham and Blacklist Dip, Relocated NCIS: LA Returns Down» TVLine » TVLine
ABC’s Castle — pending any adjustments due to football preemptions in three markets — on Monday night returned to 11.3 million total viewers and a 2.4 rating, which is up from both its previous premiere (11.5 mil/2.2) and its May finale (10.6 mil/2.1). TVLine readers gave the episode an average grade of “B+.” If the […]
08:15 Climate Change Could Alter Human Male-Female Ratio» LiveScience.com
Climate change could affect the ratio of human males to human females that are born in some countries, a new study from Japan suggests.
08:13 Tiny Sea Monkeys Create Giant Ocean Currents» LiveScience.com
Every evening, sunset signals the start of dinner for billions of wiggling sea monkeys living in the ocean. As these sea monkeys swarm to the surface, they may contribute as much power to ocean currents as the wind and tides do, a new study reports.
08:13 Apps re-invent smartphone keyboards to reduce typing frustration» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News
By Natasha Baker TORONTO (Reuters) - New smartphone apps aim to solve the problem of keyboards causing aching fingers or auto-correct resulting in embarrassing blunders. The apps replace Qwerty keyboards with alternatives designed to provide better auto-correct and more seamless typing. Minuum, which launched for the iPhone and is available for Android devices, converts the keyboard into a single staggered line of characters and learns users’ typing habits to predict what they will type next. ...
08:03 ISIL under heavy assault by Kurds in Iraq» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Peshmerga forces backed by US-led coalition air power launch pre-dawn attacks on three fronts against ISIL.
08:01 EU upholds tough sanctions on Russia » AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Bloc says ceasefire deal in east Ukraine still not in full effect, but acknowledges improvement in situation.
08:00 Stripe Leads the Race to the $1 Trillion Future of Mobile Payments» WIRED
Stripe Leads the Race to the $1 Trillion Future of Mobile Payments

Stripe is having a moment. Almost as soon as Apple announced its new pay-by-iPhone service, the online payments startup released its specs for supporting Apple Pay—a clear sign the world’s most valuable company had brought Stripe into its inner circle. Facebook’s new “Buy” button is powered by Stripe’s code. And so is Twitter’s. For a […]

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08:00 Ryan Rottman Previews MTV's Twisted New Dramedy Happyland» TVLine » TVLine
When describing MTV’s new amusement park-set dramedy Happyland, premiering Tuesday at 11/10c, star Ryan Rottman needs only five little words: “sex, drugs and roller coasters.” RELATED Exclusive Awkward First Look: [Spoiler] Ruins Jenna and Matty’s Romantic Reunion Of course, TVLine got a few more words than that out of Rottman, who plays Theodore Chandler, the straight-laced son of Happyland’s mysterious CEO. When […]
08:00 There Are So Many Tiny Animals in the Sea That They May Affect Currents» WIRED
There Are So Many Tiny Animals in the Sea That They May Affect Currents

The wind and tides are major drivers of the ocean’s global circulation, moving its waters all over the planet and mixing up its temperature, salinity, and nutrients. But according to new research, there might be another crucial force in ocean circulation that scientists haven’t accounted for: the billions upon billions of small marine animals that live in its depths.

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08:00 What you need to know about Facebook's battle with drag queens» Engadget RSS Feed
Maybe you've seen RuPaul's Drag Race, the flagship show on Logo TV, where men (dressed as women) compete to become America's next drag superstar. At the end of each show, the lowest-scoring competitors "lip sync for their life" in order to stay on...
07:58 News Corp to buy real estate website operator Move for $950 mln» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

News Corp Chief Executive Murdoch attends the Wall Street Journal CEO council annual meeting in WashingtonBy Soham Chatterjee and Lehar Maan (Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp will buy Move Inc , the owner of property websites such as realtor.com, for about $950 million to expand its digital marketing business as advertising revenue from its print business dwindles. The deal is the second large acquisition in the online real estate market this year as property website operators struggle to turn rising revenue into consistent profitability. Top U.S. real estate website operator Zillow Inc bought smaller rival Trulia Inc for $3.5 billion in July. ...

07:46 California abalone poacher gets 32 months in prison» Boing Boing
California fish and wildlife regulations have helped the abalone population recover from near extinction. "A repeat abalone poacher pleaded guilty to new charges this month, and this time, Wildlife Officer Pat Foy said, he faces landmark penalties."
07:41 Microsoft's Asimov System To Monitor Users' Machines In Real Time» Slashdot
SmartAboutThings writes Microsoft will monitor users in the new Windows 9 Operating System in order to determine how the new OS is used, thus decide what tweaks and changes are need to be made. During Windows 8 testing, Microsoft said that they had data showing Start Menu usage had dropped, but it seems that the tools they were using at the time weren't as evolved as the new 'Asimov' monitor. The new system is codenamed 'Asimov' and will provide a near real-time view of what is happening on users' machines. Rest assured, the data is going to be obscured and aggregated, but intelligible enough to allow Microsoft to get detailed insights into user interactions with the OS. Mary Jo Foley says that the system was originally built by the Xbox Team and now is being used by the Windows team. Users who will download the technical preview of Windows 9, which is said to get unveiled today, will become 'power users' who will utilize the platform in unique scenarios. This will help Microsoft identify any odd bugs ahead of the final release.

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07:40 Catalonia halts independence vote campaign» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Move comes after Spain's top court suspends the vote due to Madrid's appeals to declare it illegal.
07:30 Faking It's Michael Willett on Shane's Love Life, Lauren's Secret and More» TVLine » TVLine
Like Season 2 itself, the drama of MTV’s Faking It (Tuesday, 10:30/9:30c) is just getting started — but Michael Willett tells TVLine that Shane is already reaching his wit’s end. RELATED Faking It Post Mortem: Lauren’s Secret, ‘Karmy’s’ ‘Pain’ and More Scoop “Shane ends up confronting Karma about all of the drama she’s created,” Willett teases, but notes that tensions will […]
07:30 Gruesome Goodies from Conjurer's Kitchen» Neatorama

Conjurer's Kitchen has been featured previously on Neatorama for its culinary artistry in ghoulish cakes and chocolates. This is the perfect time of year to highlight some of their marvelously macabre confections, most of which haven't been seen previously on Neatorama. 

This edible art is the work of Annabel de Vetten, who was initially trained as a sculptor and also did fine art painting before she found her true calling in scary sweets. Annabel's experience in the arts is evident in these beautifully embellished and realistic works. 

Visit the Conjurer's Kitchen website to learn more about Annabel and see her other creations.  

Images via Conjurer's Kitchen

07:24 Matchstick's Firefox OS adapter sends media to your TV for $25» Engadget RSS Feed
Looking for a streaming media stick that's more accessible than Google's Chromecast? You might have found it. After a few teasers, Matchstick has revealed the first Firefox OS-based media sharing adapter. The self-titled gadget lets you "fling"...
07:12 America Movil's Brazil unit wins first new 4G license» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

People walk outside a mobile phone store of network company Claro in LimaBRASILIA (Reuters) - Claro, the Brazilian mobile operator run by Mexico's America Movil SAB de CV, won a new national broadcast license for fourth-generation (4G) cell spectrum in the 700 MHz range with a bid of 1.947 billion reais ($795 million) on Tuesday. Rivals Telefonica Brasil SA and TIM Participações SA, the country's two biggest carriers, remained in the dispute for two other national 4G licenses. Fourth-place mobile operator Grupo Oi SA said last week it would not participate in the auction. (Reporting by Leonardo Goy Editing by W Simon)

07:10 Video: Andy Samberg's Advice for Mulaney? Nab a 'Killer' Friends Cameo» TVLine » TVLine
As a welcome to Fox’s Sunday-night line-up, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg is offering wise counsel to his former Saturday Night Live co-worker John Mulaney, and it involves a certain devotee of Central Perk. RELATED Fall TV Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop and Photos on 42 Returning Favorites “First off, great job ripping me off,” Samberg jokes to […]
07:00 Awkward First Look: [Spoiler] Ruins Jenna and Matty's Romantic Reunion» TVLine » TVLine
Eva — excuse me, Amber — may be out of the picture, but in TVLine’s exclusive clip from Tuesday’s Awkward (MTV, 10/9c), you’ll see that she left a trail of, what else, awkwardness in her wake. RELATED Fall TV Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop and Photos on 42 Returning Favorites, Including Awkward Jenna thinks she and Matty are going to enjoy a quiet […]
07:00 Forever Sneak Peek: Henry and Jo Take a Skeptical Dip in the Fountain of Youth» TVLine » TVLine
How much does it cost to turn back the clock? Henry and Jo get an exact dollar amount in this exclusive clip from this week’s Forever. RELATED Fall TV Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop and Photos on 42 Returning Favorites In the episode (ABC, Tuesday at 10/9c), the duo investigate a New York clinic offering something called “Aterna,” which the […]
07:00 Man Pilots Hot Air Balloon Deep into a Cave» Neatorama

(Image: AP)

Mamet Cave in Croatia is 675 feet deep and has an opening 200 feet across. Ivan Trifonov, a master balloonist who holds five Guinness World Record for ballooning, piloted a ballon into the interior of the cave. He used a balloon designed for this stunt, which took him about 25 minutes to complete.

(Video Link)

-via Daily Telegraph (warning: auto-start)

06:56 Libya Dawn militia rejects UN talks» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Rebels who control Libyan capital refuse to cease fire, saying only way to end crisis is to disarm their rivals.
06:49 Is this wrist-worn smartphone on Indiegogo a hoax or a fever dream?» Engadget RSS Feed
One downside of Indiegogo's lax attitude to projects is that there's no requirement for a prototype or any proof that the device being pitched could even exist. In fact, the site is so laissez-faire, that a creator could probably promise a hoverboard...
06:37 Robotic Taster Will Judge 'Real Thai Food'» Slashdot
HughPickens.com (3830033) writes The NYT reports that Thailand's former prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra repeatedly encountered a distressing problem while traveling the world: bad Thai food. Too often, she found, the meals she sampled at Thai restaurants abroad were unworthy of the name, too bland to be called genuine Thai cooking. The problem bothered her enough to raise it at a cabinet meeting. Even though her political party has since been thrown out of office, in a May military coup, the Thai government is unveiling its project to standardize the art of Thai food using a robot. The government-financed Thai Delicious Committee, which oversaw the development of the machine, describes it as "an intelligent robot that measures smell and taste in food ingredients through sensor technology in order to measure taste like a food critic." Thailand's National Innovation Agency has spent about $100,000 to develop the e-delicious machine. The e-delicious machine has 10 sensors that measure smell and taste, generating a unique fingerprint (signature) for each sample of food that passes its digital maw. Generally with electronic tasting, there are electronic sensors that work just like the taste buds on your tongue, measuring the quantity of various taste-giving compounds, acidity, etc. While these electronic sensors can't actually tell you how something tastes — that's a very subjective, human thing — they are very good at comparing two foods scientifically. Meanwhile at a tiny food stall along one of Bangkok's traffic-clogged boulevards, Thaweekiat Nimmalairatana, questioned the necessity of a robatic taster. "I use my tongue to test if it's delicious or not," said Nimmalairatana. "I think the government should consider using a human to gauge authenticity."

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06:37 Man Walks Past Security Screening Staring At iPad, Causing Airport Evacuation» Slashdot
First time accepted submitter chentiangemalc writes While Australia is on "high alert" for terror threats a man walked past a Sydney Airport security screening while engrossed in his iPad and delayed flights for an hour. From the article: "This event was captured on CCTV and unnerved officials so much that they evacuated passengers. As the Sydney Morning Herald reported, the man found himself (or, perhaps, didn't) going into the terminal through an exit passage that clearly was convenient for him, but less convenient for the hordes of passengers who not only had to be removed from Terminal 3, but also re-screened. A spokeswoman for Qantas told the Morning Herald: 'The man disembarked a flight and left. It appears he wasn't paying attention, was looking at his iPad, forgot something and walked back past (the security area).'"

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06:37 Apple Fixes Shellshock In OS X» Slashdot
jones_supa (887896) writes Apple has released the OS X Bash Update 1.0 for OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion, a patch that fixes the "Shellshock" bug in the Bash shell. Bash, which is the default shell for many Linux-based operating systems, has been updated two times to fix the bug, and many Linux distributions have already issued updates to their users. When installed on an OS X Mavericks system, the patch upgrades the Bash shell from version 3.2.51 to version 3.2.53. The update requires the OS X 10.9.5, 10.8.5, or 10.7.5 updates to be installed on the system first. An Apple representative told Ars Technica that OS X Yosemite, the upcoming version of OS X, will receive the patch later.

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06:35 Netanyahu: Iran greater threat than ISIL» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Israel's prime minister describes Iran, ISIL and Hamas as part of a single team, and compares them to Germany's Nazis.
06:31 Iran 'to militarily assist' Lebanon army» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
National Security Council official says Iran will supply army with military equipment as it battles Sunni armed groups.
06:30 US and Afghanistan sign security pact» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Long-delayed bilateral agreement allows some US troops to stay in country beyond this year.
06:30 These Single-Purpose Tools Are Delightfully Pointless» Neatorama

A tool only for chopped salads? Why not?

How about one just for rolling edamame beans from their shell?

Or maybe a fork designed just for eating spaghetti? They're all humorously single-purpose, but that's kind of the point. Designer Lee Ben David wanted to make a statement about the disconnect people have with their food and how rarely we actually touch our meals with our bare hands.

The results are as charming as they are unneccessary. See the rest at Homes and Hues: Lee Ben David's Delightful Single-Use Kitchen Tools

06:21 Zero Motorcycles' new e-bikes can last 185 miles on a single charge» Engadget RSS Feed
With the bad memories of 2012 product recalls firmly banished to the past, Zero Motorcycles is today unveiling its 2015 lineup of e-motorbikes. Changes from the 2014 models include improved seats, a slight increase in price, and larger batteries that...
06:01 New Basis Peak Is Part Fitness Tracker, Part Smartwatch» LiveScience.com
A new version of the Basis fitness tracker called Peak — which features a new design, improved heart rate monitoring and some smartwatch capabilities — will be released in early November.
06:00 Person of Interest: Amy Acker Ponders 'Her' New Master Plan, Root's Sexuality» TVLine » TVLine
As CBS’ Person of Interest (Tuesdays at 10/9c) opened Season 4, it was Root, of all people, who needed to light a fire under Team Machine leader Harold Finch, who in the wake of Samaritan going online (and given the lives lost to date) had abandoned his faith. But as Root noted, she, Harold et […]
06:00 Cinemagraphs by Julien Douvier» Neatorama

A cinemagraph is a photograph in which a selected area is animated to produce a specific movement repeated in a loop. French photographer Julien Douvier takes already vivid photographs and breathes life into them with subtle additions such as the flow of water, smoke or the sway of ivy branches in the wind.

There appears to be a common motif of loneliness and isolation in the images shown here, and the inclusion of movement seems to only highlight the solitude, in that it hints at the simultaneous passage of time. 

To see more of Douvier's work, visit his websiteBehance site or Tumblr.

-Via My Modern Met.

05:50 TiVo's Android app now supports streaming» Engadget RSS Feed
It was nearly a year ago that TiVo brought streaming to its iOS apps, enabling you to watch recorded shows anywhere with a WiFi signal. Eleven months later, and the company has finally added the same functionality for TiVo's Android app. The feature...
05:46 EBay Will Spin Off PayPal Into a Separate Company» WIRED
EBay Will Spin Off PayPal Into a Separate Company

EBay is breaking away from PayPal, turning its payments operation into a separate, publicly traded company. “ebay and PayPal will be sharper and stronger, and more focused and competitive as leading, standalone companies in their respective markets,” eBay CEO John Donahoe said in a statement on the move, announced early Tuesday morning. “As independent companies, […]

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05:44 Kidscomic Shakespeare: The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth» Boing Boing
Adapting Shakespeare for kids is an age-old tradition stretching back almost to the time of Shakespeare itself. But as Cory Doctorow discovered, The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth brings The Scottish Play to life for audiences young and old in kids-comic form with a lot of broad humor and some grisly murder besides. Read the rest
05:42 When Russians thought the Internet would make them free» Boing Boing
The first years of the Internet in Russia were full of ecstasy and euphoria. We believed that the times of propaganda were gone. Two decades later and it’s hard to find the traces of our belief in the Russian Internet. By Sergey Kuznetsov Read the rest
05:37 California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance» Slashdot
schwit1 sends word that California governor Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would have required warrants for surveillance using unmanned drones. In his veto message (PDF), Brown said, "This bill prohibits law enforcement from using a drone without obtaining a search warrant, except in limited circumstances. There are undoubtedly circumstances where a warrant is appropriate. The bill's exceptions, however, appear to be too narrow and could impose requirements beyond what is required by either the 4th Amendment or the privacy provisions in the California Constitution." The article notes that 10 other states already require a warrant for routine surveillance with a drone (Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin). Further, Brown's claims about the bill's exceptions are overstated — according to Slate, "California's drone bill is not draconian. It includes exceptions for emergency situations, search-and-rescue efforts, traffic first responders, and inspection of wildfires. It allows other public agencies to use drones for other purposes — just not law enforcement."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

05:17 Microsoft needs your help to predict the future accurately» Engadget RSS Feed
Apparently, Microsoft Research is working on a forecasting methodology based on data and not on the fevered dreams of precogs or Nostradamus-wannabes. In the past few months, the project's researchers have been relying on the data they've collected...
05:07 Pirate Attacks & Corrupt Clergy: Vatican Archives Reveal Secrets» LiveScience.com
A medieval tale of a dead bishop's treasure, a pope and a pirate whose name means "fire blast" or "fire fart" has been revealed in documents from the Vatican archives.
05:00 The Lady’s Not a Tramp: History's Greatest Courtesans» Neatorama

The following is a list from the book Uncle John's Bathroom Reader History's Lists.

For most of recorded history, women had just a handful of options open to them: they could marry (hopefully to men of means), they could teach, they could join convents, or they could do something a little more exciting …like becoming mistresses to the rich and famous. These eight are among history’s best-known high-class ladies of the night.

1. PHRYNE (Fourth Century BC)

As a child, she was called Mnesarete (Greek for "virtue"), but because she was born with sallow skin, she was called Phryne (Greek for "toad"). Still, Phryne became the most successful and sought-after courtesan in ancient Greece, commanding 100 times the going rate. Supposedly, she was even the model for the sculpture called Aphrodite of Cnidus, one of the most famous works of Greek art.

Lust Rewards: Phryne became incredibly rich thanks to her liaisons with powerful men in Athens. According to legend, she even offered to pay to rebuild the city walls of Thebes, which had been destroyed by Alexander the Great in 336 BC, but there was a condition: the new wall had to contain the inscription “Destroyed by Alexander, restored by Phryne the courtesan.” Her offer was declined.

Around 340 BC, Phryne was accused of affronting the gods by appearing nude during a religious ceremony. At her trial, the orator Hyyperides -her defender and also one of her lovers- ripped open Phryne’s robe and exposed her to the court. Why? He considered it a legitimate defense. She was, after all, the most beautiful woman in Athens, and someone that gorgeous must be on good terms with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, no matter what codes of conduct she appeared to have broken. It worked. The judges ruled in Phryne’s favor.

2. THEODORA (497-548)

Theodora’s father died when she was young, so her mother sent the girl to work, first as an actress and then as a prostitute.

Theodora became the mistress to a politician named Hecebolus and then caught the eye of Justinian I, the emperor’s nephew. Justinian was so enamored with Theodora that he wanted to marry her, but Byzantine law forbade royals from marrying mere actresses (and prostitutes, presumably), so his uncle changed the law and Justinian and Theodora became husband and wife.

Lust Rewards: Justinian ascended to the throne in 527, and together he and his wife ruled Byzantium (also known as the Eastern Roman Empire). Theodora proved to be a gifted politician -she helped to create a new constitution to curb corruption, expand the rights of women in divorce, closed brothels, and founded convents for former prostitutes. When she died at around the age of 50, she had been empress of Byzantium for more than 20 years. Historians consider her to be the most influential and powerful woman in the empire’s 1,100-year history.

3. VERONICA FRANCO (1546-91)

Like mother, like daughter: Veronica Franco was the privileged offspring of Venetian courtesan Paola Fracassa. She studied Greek and Roman literature and learned to play the lute. After marrying and divorcing a doctor, Franco consorted with politicians, artists, philosophers, and poets. She became an accomplished poet herself and celebrated her sexual prowess in writing -her book Familiar Letters (published in 1580) was a collection of 50 letters written to her lovers, including King Henry III of France and the Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto.

05:00 7 Hilariously Made-Up Sounding Treatments That F#@king Work» Cracked: All Posts
By John Dubensky,Lillian Marx,JM McNab,Jordan Rudow  Published: September 30th, 2014  It's probably safe to say that many of you are still around to read this sentence today thanks to one of the myriad medical treatments that science has developed since we first figured out that the human body is not, in fact, powered by swarms of tin
05:00 5 Viral Stories That Had Insane Twists After We All Moved On» Cracked: All Posts
By Chris Rio  Published: September 30th, 2014  No offense, you guys, but let's face it: the Internet is a fickle audience. One day, you're all sharing a viral video of a cat squeezing itself into a flower pot, and before you know it, you've moved on to a cat saying "hey" without so much as a seco
05:00 5 Huge Problems Solved By Doing the Worst Thing Possible» Cracked: All Posts
By Chris Bucholz  Published: September 30th, 2014  Fighting fire with fire sounds awesome, like some incredible underground mixed martial arts tournament where fire-horned demons battle that weird kid with the Zippo who sat at the back of English class. JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images "Zane
05:00 5 Common Argument Tactics That Need to Die» Cracked: All Posts
By J. F. Sargent  Published: September 30th, 2014  I am a sick man. Imagine my soul, withered and black, clawing ineffectually at the inside of my ribcage. It cries ashen tears that smolder when they strike the earthen floor of my innards. And yet, on the outside, I appear fine -- I kind of feel like
05:00 4 Ridiculous Monsters Who Are Getting Their Own Horror Films» Cracked: All Posts
By M. Asher Cantrell  Published: September 30th, 2014  One of the most important parts of a successful horror movie is the villain. What would Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween be without Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers? Horror movies without credible villains tend to be instant
04:51 Images: Pirate Tale Revealed in Vatican Archives» LiveScience.com
Newly published Vatican documents reveal an ancient tale of a pirate who seems to have stolen treasure that belonged to a dead bishop and was en route aboard a ship to Pope Innocent VI.
04:30 eBay and PayPal will part ways in 2015» Engadget RSS Feed
Despite spending most of 2014 arguing the opposite, eBay has today decided it will divide its popular payment and auction properties in two. Next year, the company will split PayPal away from its embattled auction site, and as a result of the...
04:22 Dolphins Can Sense Magnets, Study Suggests» LiveScience.com
Dolphins can now add magnetic sense to their already impressive resume of abilities, new research suggests.
04:12 Edinburgh becomes the first UK airport to openly trial Google Glass» Engadget RSS Feed
Google Glass is still a rare sight in the UK, but it's proving popular amongst brands and businesses, especially when customer service is involved. Virgin Atlantic previously used the headset to welcome passengers to Heathrow, but only now is it...
04:10 Google searches for right note in online music business» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

A man stands in front of a Google logo in Hong KongBy Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc is planning new and revamped streaming-music services in coming weeks, searching for a way to stand out in an increasingly crowded field of rivals from Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc to Spotify. Nailing music is one way for Google to raise chances of continued success as people spend more time on mobile devices. Google's YouTube service has become a low-profile titan in streaming through the popularity of music videos. Currently, videos must be chosen one track at a time. ...

04:01 A Smartwatch That Nudges You to Meet Your Fitness Goals» WIRED
A Smartwatch That Nudges You to Meet Your Fitness Goals

Basis introduced one of the first general purpose fitness tracking watches back in late 2012. Its newest version, the Peak, comes with a slimmer design, better mobile interactions, and more robust sensors to help give you a more meaningful picture of your daily activities.

The post A Smartwatch That Nudges You to Meet Your Fitness Goals appeared first on WIRED.

04:00 Harlequin - Sometimes Love Can Make You A Little Crazy» Neatorama

Harlequin by Dr. Monekers

She's got a smile that can melt a man's heart, and a giant hammer to smash his head flat! Harley is only half out of her mind, which makes her the emotionally stable half of that clown faced criminal couple we all know and love, but don't let her maniacal giggling fool you. She's got quite a few tricks up her sleeve, and she's always thinking about a new way to clip that Bat's wings...

Bring a touch of madness to your geeky wardrobe with this Harlequin t-shirt by Dr. Monekers, it's the fun way to let your style go crazy!

Visit Dr. Monekers's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Bada-Boom!!!Time And SpaceBounty HunterI am Jack

View more designs by Dr. Monekers | More Video Games | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

04:00 Remember that Time Zach Galifianakis Starred in A Kanye West Video?» Neatorama

Over the years, Kanye West has sort of become a parody of how he is represented in the media. He is brash and cocky, and for that reason, a lot of people have no appetite for his music (as good as it can be at times). But what if, let's say, it was not Kanye singing the song, but rather, overweight, bearded comedian, Zach Galifiniakis? Do you think you would be more likely to give an entire Kanye West music video a shot?

Well, I am going to go so far as to say yes, yes you will.

Because this was the last time in history Kanye West was still cool enough to allow something like this to happen. Now, he would threaten to sue. But once upon a time, the guy had an awesome sense of humor and knew when to laugh at himself.

For a great example of that, look no further than the fantastic video for Can't Tell Me Nothin' and be prepared to hate Kanye West a little less for about four minutes.

(YouTube Link)

You REALLY want your mind blown? That is the second version of the video he released. The first version is all Kanye Bravado. The second one, on the other hand, is pure gold.

04:00 Basis unveils its first fitness tracker since getting acquired by Intel» Engadget RSS Feed
You probably mainly think of Intel as the company trying to make 2-in-1s happen, but lately it's been dabbling in fitness, too. It all started when the chip maker acquired Basis, the creator of what was quite possibly the most sophisticated fitness...
03:30 21 Awesomely Well-Designed Products We’re Dying to Own» WIRED
21 Awesomely Well-Designed Products We’re Dying to Own

We're always scouring the world of products for whatever's most innovative, clever, and beautiful.

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03:30 The Non-Profit That’s Using Technology to Put Itself Out of Business» WIRED
The Non-Profit That’s Using Technology to Put Itself Out of Business

Pierre Ferrari is working hard to put himself out of business.

The post The Non-Profit That’s Using Technology to Put Itself Out of Business appeared first on WIRED.

03:30 7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Friendlier to Pedestrians» WIRED
7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Friendlier to Pedestrians

San Jose is expected to grow faster than any city in the Bay Area in the next few decades. The local government is working to meet that demand with mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. To help it out, the non-profit San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) wrote a 67-page report looking at building and design […]

The post 7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Friendlier to Pedestrians appeared first on WIRED.

03:30 Brilliant Photos Capture Tokyo’s Electric Colors in Unexpected Places» WIRED
Brilliant Photos Capture Tokyo’s Electric Colors in Unexpected Places

Tokyo often appears in photographs as a metropolis awash in light and color. Usually it’s neon signs or bright streetlights, but sometimes its something unusual, like the green flash of a flock of parakeets. Photographer Yoshinori Mizutani captures all of these things as he wanders the city seeking inspiration in things he might not understand—like, […]

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03:30 Get Ready for WIRED by Design, the Ultimate Creative Retreat» WIRED
Get Ready for WIRED by Design, the Ultimate Creative Retreat

If you're not there, we're going to do our best to put you there. In the coming days, you'll see stories drawn from WxD.

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03:30 Letter From the Editor: Why Design Matters More Now Than Ever Before» WIRED
Letter From the Editor: Why Design Matters More Now Than Ever Before

On September 30, WIRED will host its first design conference. WIRED by Design will be held at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California, and will feature today's top technologists, artists, and thinkers. I started my college career studying mechanical engineering, but halfway through my sophomore year, I accidentally found my way into the world of […]

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03:30 Touch-Controlled Headphones That Know When They’re on Your Head» WIRED
Touch-Controlled Headphones That Know When They’re on Your Head

Calling Parrot’s new Zik 2.0 headphones “headphones” is like calling the Iron Man suit a “shirt.” These cans are loaded with sensors, connectivity options, noise-cancellation features, and gesture controls.

The post Touch-Controlled Headphones That Know When They’re on Your Head appeared first on WIRED.

03:30 The Weird Way the Heartbleed Bug Made the Web More Secure» WIRED
The Weird Way the Heartbleed Bug Made the Web More Secure

Over the weekend, the world wide web became a lot more secure. That’s because a San Francisco started called CloudFlare turned on a free service that will let its 2 million customers add SSL encryption to their websites. SSL—short for “secure sockets layer”—makes it harder for criminals to spoof sites, and it encodes site traffic […]

The post The Weird Way the Heartbleed Bug Made the Web More Secure appeared first on WIRED.

03:30 This Tiny Device Lets You Control All Your A/V Gear With a Smartphone» WIRED
This Tiny Device Lets You Control All Your A/V Gear With a Smartphone

Blumoo, a three-inch-tall component for your home audio/video setup, wants to replace your remotes with your Android or iOS device. But is that really a good idea?

The post This Tiny Device Lets You Control All Your A/V Gear With a Smartphone appeared first on WIRED.

03:30 FedEx’s New Electric Trucks Get a Boost From Diesel Turbines» WIRED
FedEx’s New Electric Trucks Get a Boost From Diesel Turbines

FedEx is testing a new powertrain that makes its trucks into electric vehicles with onboard diesel generators.

The post FedEx’s New Electric Trucks Get a Boost From Diesel Turbines appeared first on WIRED.

03:28 Samsung Gear VR demo units start showing up in Best Buy» Engadget RSS Feed
Samsung still hasn't announced Gear VR's pricing and release date, but at least a couple of people have already seen demo headsets in certain LA Best Buy stores. Redditor hackertripz and Matthew Terndrup from Yourift have recently spotted demo units...
03:23 Analyzing Silk Road 2.0» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: After a recent article about breaking the CAPTCHA on the latest incarnation of Silk Road (the darknet-enabled drug market place), Darryl Lau decided to investigate exactly what narcotics people were buying and selling online. He found roughly 13,000 separate listings. Some sellers identify the country they're in, and the top six are the U.S., Australia, England, Germany, and the Netherlands, and Canada. The site also has a bunch of product reviews. If you assume that each review comes from a sale, and multiply that by the listed prices, reviewed items alone represent $20 million worth of business. Lau also has some interesting charts, graphs, and assorted stats. MDMA is the most listed and reviewed drug, and sellers are offering it in quantities of up to a kilogram at a time. The average price for the top 1000 items is $236. Prescription drugs represent a huge portion of the total listings, though no individual prescription drugs have high volume on their own.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

03:00 The Sound of Frying» Neatorama

What does the sound of breakfast frying on the stove make? If you speak English, you would call it “sizzle,” but what’s the word in other languages? James Chapman rounded up several words from various languages, and they’re all pretty onomatopoeic. Which I never would have been able to spell without autocorrect. -via Blame It On The Voices

See more language roundups from James Chapman.

02:55 Wii U now has folders to organize your massive game collection» Engadget RSS Feed
Having too much software isn't a problem many Wii U owners are complaining about. Nonetheless, perhaps in anticipation of brighter days ahead, Nintendo is updating its troubled console with an improved UI for organizing games and apps. After...
02:03 EU says Apple's Irish tax deal is illegal» Engadget RSS Feed
An EU commission has accused Ireland of granting "state aid" tax breaks to Apple that may break market rules. That was the result of an investigation by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) over Irish deals brokered in...
02:02 Open source hardware pumpkin-puppet» Boing Boing

David writes, "A year ago I pledged to make a fully interactive version of my augmented jack-O-lantern, Gourdy; I've finally gotten around to doing it, and I'm releasing him free for anyone to use. Read the rest

02:00 Urban Furniture Encourages You to Exercise Downtown» Neatorama

You're in the heart of a densely-packed city. But that doesn't mean that you can't exercise. No, I don't mean the elliptical trainer in the corner. You can actually get outside and play sports while surrounded by skyscrapers.

JC Deceaux, Florian Brillet, and Nicholas Lelievre created an interactive art installation called Mens Sana in Corpore Sano(Translation), which is Latin for “A sound mind in a sound body.” It consists of sporting equipment built into street signposts. The three artists are doing this to encourage people to get fit at times when it seems like there are limited opportunities to do so.

-via Design Boom

01:58 CEO of stalkerware company arrested» Boing Boing

Hammad Akbar, a Pakistani national and CEO of Invocode, marketers of Stealthgenie, was arrested in LA on Saturday and charged with a variety of offenses related to making, marketing and selling "interception devices." Read the rest

01:40 Premier Inn's new smart hotel lets you book, check in and get cosy with an app» Engadget RSS Feed
More than four years in the making, Premier Inn has taken the wraps off its first smart hotel rooms. The UK's biggest hotel chain has embraced mobile with both hands, letting you book your stay, check in and play with various room settings using its...
01:28 'Doctor Who' skins for 'Minecraft' hit Xbox 360 this Friday» Engadget RSS Feed
Fancy yourself a master of the Sonic Screwdriver? Well, in a few days you can put those skills to the test... in Minecraft, that is. Whether you're a timelord fanperson or a Dalek-sympathizer, you'll be able to show it off once the Doctor Who skin...
01:09 How Tech Is Transforming Teaching In a South African Township» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: The founders of the African School for Excellence have an ambitious goal — nothing less than redefining low cost, scalable teaching that brings international standards to the poorest schools in Africa. Their first model school is off to a good start: in just 18 months, all grade 9 students are achieving scores higher than 50% on Cambridge Curriculum Checkpoint tests, and only one student scored less than 50% in math. The national average score in math is 13%. The school relies on a locally designed piece of marking software to function. Their teach-to-pupil ratios are not great, but the teachers are committed to using technology to stretch themselves as far as they can. What's most remarkable is that the school's running costs are already half the cost of a traditional government school, and the quality of education is much, much better. All this, and they're only a year and a half into the program.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

01:00 Curious Owls» Neatorama

(YouTube link)

When you set up a camera to capture wildlife in their natural habitat, you hope they don’t know they’re being recorded. It turns out that you can’t fool critters all the time. Someone attached a GoPro to a tree just beneath an owl’s nest. The owls, being eagle-eyed, immediately noticed something new in their environment. The camera gets a thorough inspection, which leaves us with the image of an entire family of owls staring directly into our souls. The owls don’t care, once they’ve determined it’s something they can’t eat and won’t eat them. I got a little nervous when one owl chick hiked his leg, but I guess he was just stretching. Next, someone will give them funny dialogue. -via Everlasting Blort  

00:44 Apple Watch makes first public appearance at Paris Fashion Week» Engadget RSS Feed
Colette is one of those ultra-hip Paris shops that may tempt you with its eclectic toys, clothing, tech and art -- until you see the prices. For Fashion Week in Paris, it's about to have a shiny new bauble: the Apple Watch. The store has announced a...
00:15 Painted Doctor Who high heels» Boing Boing

Arteclair is an Etsy shoepainter with some wonderful pieces, notably these Doctor Who high-heels, which sell for $132 and are made to order. (via Geekymerch)

00:08 FBI Plans To Open Up Malware Analysis Tool To Outside Researchers» Slashdot
Trailrunner7 writes: The FBI has developed an internal malware-analysis tool, somewhat akin to the systems used by antimalware companies, and plans to open the system up to external security researchers, academics and others. The system is known as Malware Investigator and is designed to allow FBI agents and other authorized law enforcement users to upload suspicious files. Once a file is uploaded, the system runs it through a cluster of antimalware engines, somewhat akin to the way that Virus Total handles submissions, and returns a wide variety of information about the file. Users can see what the detection rate is among AV engines, network connection attempts, whether the file has been seen by the system before, destination and source IP addresses and what protocols it uses.Right now, Malware Investigator is able to analyze Windows executables, PDFs and other common file types. But Burns said that the bureau is hoping to expand the portal's reach in the near future. "We are going to be doing dynamic analysis of Android files, with an eye toward other operating systems and executables soon," he said.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

00:02 Judge finds Grooveshark employees guilty of mass copyright-infringement» Engadget RSS Feed
Grooveshark's disappearing and reappearing act looks like it could finally come to an end; permanently. A Manhattan judge has ruled that because Grooveshark employees themselves had uploaded 5,977 songs to the service and infringing on copyrights in...
00:00 There's Nothing Sweeter Than Babies In Halloween Costumes» Neatorama

Kids look awfully cute when they’re all dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating, but there’s simply nothing cuter than a chubby cheeked baby wearing a Halloween costume.

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re too young to actually go out trick-or-treating, or perhaps it’s the fact that the parents get to choose the costume, and they always err on the side of cuteness.

Whatever the reason behind our love of babies in costume, nothing warms the heart quite like seeing a little rugrat all dressed up with no idea what lies in store for them on Halloween!

Check out the rest of the Baby Halloween Costumes Even More Delicious Than Candy over at HuffPo

Mon 29 September, 2014

23:43 Art Spiegelman's WORDLESS -- US tour dates» Boing Boing

Jeff sez, "After its hit debut at the Sydney Opera House Graphic Fest in 2013 Art Spiegelman's WORDLESS! Intellectual Vaudeville Show is going on a US TOUR: OCTOBER 8-26 2014. Read the rest

23:36 Behold! The Pizza cake!» Boing Boing

The pizza cake started off as a thought-experiment, entered into a competition -- but now it is a reality that you can prepare at home (but probably shouldn't).

(via Neatorama)

23:00 Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Say "Penguins"» Neatorama

One would think that a man as esteemed and worldly as Benedict Cumberbatch would be a master of linguistics. The subtle differences in language that seperate regions and dialects. He also clearly has been speaking English his entire life, so one might be shocked when they hear the way Sherlock pronounces penguins.

(YouTube Link)

This is not in any way to make fun of the actor. The guy is awesome. It is just one of those things you notice and kind of go hmmmm to yourself. How can such a well-spoken man have trouble with the word penguins? Truth is, we all have our odd ways of pronouncing words. Sometimes, it is because someone who raised us may have said it that way, or in some cases, there may be no reason at all.

I just thought you might find it interesting that Benedict Cumberbatch can't say penguins. Like, really.

Okay, I won't lie. This video is kind of hilarious. I mean, really, who has ever called them penglings?

22:58 Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coming to China on October 17th» Engadget RSS Feed
Apple has finally revealed the date that its new iPhones will be available to eager users in mainland China: Friday, October 17th. The devices had been delayed pending regulatory approval, but Apple was granted a license earlier today by the Chinese...
22:46 Fighting Hockey Concussions with Safer Helmets (Op-Ed)» LiveScience.com
New helmet ratings, based on laboratory testing, will let consumers know which hockey protection is best at preventing concussions.
22:07 LTE Upgrade Will Let Phones Connect To Nearby Devices Without Towers» Slashdot
An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from MIT's Technology Review: A new feature being added to the LTE protocol that smartphones use to communicate with cellular towers will make it possible to bypass those towers altogether. Phones will be able to "talk" directly to other mobile devices and to beacons located in shops and other businesses. Known as LTE Direct, the wireless technology has a range of up to 500 meters, far more than either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is included in update to the LTE standard slated for approval this year, and devices capable of LTE Direct could appear as soon as late 2015. ... Researchers are, for example, testing LTE Direct as a way to allow smartphones to automatically discover nearby people, businesses, and other information.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

22:00 The Months of the Year, Ranked» Neatorama

Now this is a highly subjective and altogether meaningless list, but we all have our opinions on our favorite time of year. I used to tell my kids that I loved every season except for that part of winter that falls after Christmas. That part of the year only serves to make me appreciate the other months. Danger Guerrero posted his rankings at Uproxx, along with his reasoning for each, and I’m pretty much in agreement with him except for October.

What is it, exactly, that you like about October? Is it the brisk temperatures and the leaves changing from green to a scenic collage of reds, yellows, and oranges? Well, (a) late-March and early-April have the same temperature range with added benefit of the days getting longer instead of shorter, and (b) those leaves you are ooo-ing and ahh-ing over are dying. You are taking pleasure in the yearly, cruel death of a living organism while simultaneously praising the environmental conditions that cause it to happen. You monster. You monster.

Or is it the aforementioned bonus features that come with mid-fall: the pumpkin-y bric-a-brac, the sports (football, start of basketball, the baseball playoffs), the fall TV season, and so on and so forth? Well, if we wanna get real about this for a second — if we wanna get really, really real — we could easily move most of those things out of October.

I love October. Living here in the mountains, I get an urge to make a patchwork quilt in the shades of autumn leaves every time I admire the colorful hills. Then there’s Halloween, which is catnip for a blogger. I also would have ranked August a little lower. Check out the ranking and let us know how you would improve that list.

(Image credit: Flickr user Indy Kethdy)

21:00 With 75 Blades, This Knife Was the Ultimate Multi Tool of 1851» Neatorama

Through the Eighteenth and Ninteenth Centuries, the John Rodgers firm of Sheffield, UK rose in prominence, developing a reputation for building the finest knives in Europe. In 1821, the company was appointed the official cutler for the British Royal Family. In 1851, Rodgers exhibited this marvel at The Great Exhibition, an international trade show in London.

The Norfolk Knife was named for Norfolk Street, the location of the Rodgers factory in Sheffield. It's both a tool and a work of art. The knife has 75 blades and measures 22 inches thick and 34 inches long. There are etchings of Queen Victoria and the White House on it. It's now on display at Cutlers' Hall in Sheffield.

-via Nag on the Lake | Photo: Eggington Group

20:09 Hong Kong protesters remain on streets» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Huge crowds of pro-democracy protesters defy government calls to go home, bringing city's key districts to a standstill.
20:07 CloudFlare Announces Free SSL Support For All Customers» Slashdot
Z80xxc! writes: CloudFlare, a cloud service that sits between websites and the internet to provide a CDN, DDOS and other attack prevention, speed optimization, and other services announced today that SSL will now be supported for all customers, including free customers. This will add SSL support to approximately 2 million previously unprotected websites. Previously SSL was only available to customers paying at least $20/month for a "Pro" plan or higher. Browsers connect to CloudFlare's servers and receive a certificate provided by CloudFlare. CloudFlare then connects to the website's server to retrieve the content, serving as a sort of reverse proxy. Different security levels allow CloudFlare to connect to the website host using no encryption, a self-signed certificate, or a verified certificate, depending on the administrator's preferences. CloudFlare's servers will use SNI for free accounts, which is unsupported for IE on Windows XP and older, and Android Browser on Android 2.2 and older.

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20:00 To Do: Dishes, Laundry, Vacuum Cat...» Neatorama

YouTube Link

This cat named Bobo (previously at Neatorama) loves to be vacuumed, according to his owners. He lies there, seemingly relaxed, as the vacuum runs over him. If Bobo likes it, it's a win/win for his people, since vacuuming him is likely to eliminate a lot of cat hair that would otherwise be scattered around the house. I wonder if they are trying to get his younger sister Nikita on board? Keep up with Bobo and Nikita on Facebook. -Via Tastefully Offensive 

19:00 Bull Born with the Number 7 on His Head» Neatorama

(Photo: Vale Wood Farms)

This is Baby Ben, a calf born at Vale Woods Farm in Loretto, Pennsylvania. He’s named after Ben Roethlisberger, a quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Roethlisberger wears the #7 jersey on that football team. It’s this bull’s lucky number!

Carissa Itle-Westrick, one of the farm’s managers, says that’s it’s not the first time they've had an animal born with a stylish mark. They once had a cow that sported a Nike swoosh on her shoulder.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

18:07 Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: Incremental improvements have been slowly but surely pushing solar power toward mainstream viability for a few decades now. It's getting to the point where the established utilities are worried about the financial hit they're likely to take — and they're working to prevent it. "These solar households are now buying less and less electricity, but the utilities still have to manage the costs of connecting them to the grid. Indeed, a new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory argues that this trend could put utilities in dire financial straits. If rooftop solar were to grab 10 percent of the market over the next decade, utility earnings could decline as much as 41 percent." The utilities are throwing their weight behind political groups seeking to end subsidies for solar and make "net metering" policies go away. Studies suggest that if solar adoption continues growing at its current rate, incumbents will be forced to raise their prices, which will only persuade more people to switch to solar (PDF).

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

17:23 Book of supercute crochet patterns for Sanrio Friends» Boing Boing

A couple of days after I received a review copy of Hello Kitty Crochet I read an article in the LA Times about the 40th anniversary of Sanrio’s iconic character.

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17:05 Tor Executive Director Hints At Firefox Integration» Slashdot
blottsie writes: Several major tech firms are in talks with Tor to include the software in products that can potentially reach over 500 million Internet users around the world. One particular firm wants to include Tor as a "private browsing mode" in a mainstream Web browser, allowing users to easily toggle connectivity to the Tor anonymity network on and off. "They very much like Tor Browser and would like to ship it to their customer base," Tor executive director Andrew Lewman wrote, explaining the discussions but declining to name the specific company. "Their product is 10-20 percent of the global market, this is of roughly 2.8 billion global Internet users." The product that best fits Lewman's description, by our estimation, is Mozilla Firefox, the third-most popular Web browser online today and home to, you guessed it, 10 to 20 percent of global Internet users.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

17:00 MICKTHULHU MOUSE - Join The Madness Jamboree» Neatorama


Donald and Goofy were hanging around the magic kingdom one day, talking about what they were going to wear on Halloween. Suddenly Mickey appeared out of nowhere, looking like a squid had attached itself to his face, and even though he seemed to be acting normal the guys weren't convinced he was in his right mind. There was something very different about Mickey, something sinister, and they were pretty sure that squidly getup wasn't a costume....

Building toys have never made you feel as awesome as you'll feel when you wear this You Are The Special! t-shirt by Prismic Designs, build and believe!

Visit BeastPop's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more horrifically geeky designs:


View more designs by BeastPop | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

17:00 10 Mind-Boggling Paradoxes» Neatorama

Mental_floss has a list of ten paradoxes, dealing with math, logic, physics, language, or some other method of cramping your brain. There’s the crocodile who grabs a kid, a race with a tortoise, the dehydrated potatoes, and this one:


Imagine that a family has two children, one of whom we know to be a boy. What then is the probability that the other child is a boy? The obvious answer is to say that the probability is 1/2—after all, the other child can only be either a boy or a girl, and the chances of a baby being born a boy or a girl are (essentially) equal. In a two-child family, however, there are actually four possible combinations of children: two boys (MM), two girls (FF), an older boy and a younger girl (MF), and an older girl and a younger boy (FM). We already know that one of the children is a boy, meaning we can eliminate the combination FF, but that leaves us with three equally possible combinations of children in which at least one is a boy—namely MM, MF, and FM. This means that the probability that the other child is a boy—MM—must be 1/3, not 1/2.

Wait a minute, I’ve flipped enough coins in statistics class to know that the real answer is still 50%, but how in the world did they come up with 1/3? Wait, wait: just who said these were “equally possible combinations”?

Still, debunking that one was easy compared to some of the other paradoxes in the list at mental_floss.
(Image credit: Flickr user Alex Proimos)

16:46 Supervalu says malware affects four stores in Minnesota» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News
(Reuters) - Supermarket chain Supervalu Inc reported on Monday a second attack against its payment systems barely two months after it said it was investigating a potential data breach. The company said it found malicious software on a part of its network that might have affected payment cards used at four of its Cub Foods franchise stores in Hastings, Shakopee, Roseville and White Bear Lake, Minnesota. ...
16:07 Lots o' Water! 117 Million Lakes Dot Earth, Most Accurate Survey Finds» LiveScience.com
With high-resolution satellite data and supercomputers to check every cloudless pixel, researchers now have the best count yet of lakes on Earth.
16:06 5 Surprising Facts About Lakes» LiveScience.com
New and surprising facts from a recent count of Earth's lakes.
16:02 CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: U.S. authorities have arrested and indicted the CEO of a mobile software company for selling spyware that enables "stalkers and domestic abusers." The U.S. Department of Justice accuses the man of promoting and selling software that can "monitor calls, texts, videos and other communications on mobile phones without detection." The agency pointed out this is the first criminal case based on mobile spyware, and promised to aggressively pursue makers of similar software in the future. Here's the legal filing (PDF). The FBI, with approval from a District Court, has disabled the website hosting the software. "The indictment alleges that StealthGenie's capabilities included the following: it recorded all incoming/outgoing voice calls; it intercepted calls on the phone to be monitored while they take place; it allowed the purchaser to call the phone and activate it at any time to monitor all surrounding conversations within a 15-foot radius; and it allowed the purchaser to monitor the user's incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and SMS messages, incoming voicemail messages, address book, calendar, photographs, and videos. All of these functions were enabled without the knowledge of the user of the phone."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

16:00 31 Great Group Costumes for You to Try This Halloween» Neatorama

(Dominoes by csoglavin)

(A 6-pack of beer by missmounce)

(Stock photos of women laughing while eating salad alone by Lindsay Weber et al.)

If you've got a group of people heading to a Halloween party this year, you can have one giant theme costume among yourselves. And it doesn't have to be the Seven Dwarfs or the Four Horsemen. There are lots of creative opportunities this year. Alanna Okun of BuzzFeed rounded up photos of 31 group Halloween costumes that will make you the life of the party, provided that you don't end up just eating salad by yourself in the corner.

15:43 Stevie Nicks: selfies from the 1970s» Boing Boing

Next month, NYC's Morrison Hotel Gallery will display a series of 1970s Polaroid selfies by Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks.

"Some people don't sleep at night - I am one of those people," Nicks says.

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15:41 How Often Does Enterovirus D68 Cause Paralysis?» LiveScience.com
Several children in Denver have developed limb weakness or paralysis after having respiratory illness, and four of the children have been found positive for enterovirus D68.
15:32 Climate Change Influenced Extreme Heat in 2013, Report Finds» LiveScience.com
Man-made climate change stoked some of 2013's most extreme heat on the planet, a new report shows.
15:22 Hong Kong protesters remain in the streets, defying Beijing: photo gallery» Boing Boing
A protester (C) raises his umbrellas in front of tear gas which was fired by riot police to disperse protesters blocking the main street to the financial Central district outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong, September 28, 2014. Hong Kong police used tear gas for the first time on Sunday to disperse pro-democracy protests and baton-charged the crowd blocking a key road in the government district after Hong Kong and Chinese officials warned against demonstrations. [REUTERS/Tyrone Siu]

A protester (C) raises his umbrellas in front of tear gas which was fired by riot police to disperse protesters blocking the main street to the financial Central district outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong, September 28, 2014. Hong Kong police used tear gas for the first time on Sunday to disperse pro-democracy protests and baton-charged the crowd blocking a key road in the government district after Hong Kong and Chinese officials warned against demonstrations. [REUTERS/Tyrone Siu]

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters, many of them students, stayed out in the streets of Hong Kong early Tuesday, despite orders to disperse. Read the rest

15:14 EU telecoms nominee stands up for net neutrality» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News
By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Telecoms operators should not be allowed to strike lucrative deals with bandwidth-hungry content providers such as Netflix and Google to provide them with quicker Internet access, the incoming EU telecoms commissioner said on Monday. Net neutrality, the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally, has emerged as the main sticking point in discussions on a legislative package to overhaul Europe's ailing telecoms sector, which Germany's Guenther Oettinger will inherit from his predecessor Neelie Kroes. ...
15:00 Don Hertzfeldt’s Simpsons Couch Gag» Neatorama

(YouTube link)

If I’d had any idea that Don Hertzfeldt had made the opening sequence for The Simpsons’ season premiere, I might have made an effort to catch it. However, thanks to YouTube, we can all enjoy it anytime. You know Hertzfeldt from his animations posted here before, or from the classic Rejected. That’s the one with “My spoon is too big.” Ah -now you know who I’m talking about!

The gag itself looks at the possibility of The Simpsons still being on the air thousands of years in the future, with a few differences due to evolution. And why not? The family has been around since 1987!    

14:55 New Research Casts Doubt On the "10,000 Hour Rule" of Expertise» Slashdot
First time accepted submitter Scroatzilla writes What makes someone rise to the top in music, games, sports, business, or science? This question is the subject of one of psychology's oldest debates. Malcolm Gladwell's '10,000 hours' rule probably isn't the answer. Recent research has demonstrated that deliberate practice, while undeniably important, is only one piece of the expertise puzzle—and not necessarily the biggest piece.

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14:49 Beatles Pancakes» Boing Boing

There are some talented people out there! (Via Twisted Sifter)

14:49 Follow Boing Boing on Ello» Boing Boing

If you're using Ello, and everyone seems to be, though we aren't yet sure why--follow us there.

14:46 FAKE: Man digs tunnel from bedroom to pub» Boing Boing


Patsy Kerr of Omagh, Ireland reportedly spent 15 years digging a tunnel from under his bed to a nearby pub so he could visit the bar while his wife slept.

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14:16 Music Video: Helado Negro, "Invisible Heartbeat"» Boing Boing

A beautiful new video from NY-born, FL-based electronic music artist Helado Negro.

The musician also known as Roberto Lange has a new album out, “Double Youth.” Video directed by Ryan Dickie.


14:00 Wyoming's Mysterious Smith Mansion» Neatorama

Approximately 15 miles east of Yellowstone National Park sits a structure known as the Smith Mansion. This rambling, five-story house built out of salvaged, wildfire-damaged pine was the passion of an eccentric engineer named Francis Lee Smith, who built the structure single-handedly. 

Smith began the project in approximately 1980, intending on building a log cabin home for his family that blended in with the glorious Wyoming wilderness. His family lived in the house for a while, despite there being no electricity except that provided by an extension cord connected to a generator. A wood stove was the only source of heat. The family dining table was a large tree stump, with smaller stumps as chairs. Smith built no separated bedrooms in the house; instead, he, his wife and two children slept in sleeping bags on the floor.

This arrangement satisfied Mrs. Smith for a few years, until her husband's constant work on the house instead of family time pushed her too far. She divorced him in the early 1980s, took the children and moved to another city. A dejected Smith poured everything he had into the house, building addition after addition, without blueprints from which to work. In 1992, Smith lost his life to his obsession when he fell from a balcony while working on the house and died from his injuries. 

Smith's chaotic building of a house with no planned ending is reminiscent of possibly mentally unstable personalities such as Sarah Winchester, heiress to to the Winchester gun fortune, who kept building her San Jose mansion until she died in an effort to assuage the spirits of those shot by Winchester guns. Yet Smith's ex wife and daughter both claim his furious construction was not the result of mental illness. Smith's daughter Sunny Larsen is currently the owner of the structure and is attempting to raise money for its rehabilitation. Visit her website and view the video below to learn more. 

YouTube Link

13:57 Handy Insta-Bed Queen sized with built-in pump» Boing Boing

Once again this inflatable bed saved my bacon. If you need an inflatable mattress this one has been serving me well for years.

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13:55 Microsoft Revives Its Hardware Conference» Slashdot
jfruh writes Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, or WinHEC, was an annual staple of the '90s and '00s: every year, execs from Redmond would tell OEMs what to expect when it came to Windows servers and PCs. The conference was wrapped with software into Build in 2009, but now it's being revived to deal with not just computers but also the tablets and cell phone Microsoft has found itself in the business of selling and even making. It's also being moved from the U.S. to China, as an acknowledgment of where the heart of the tech hardware business is now.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

13:55 Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"» Slashdot
cartechboy writes There's been plenty of skepticism when it comes to Tesla. The Silicon Valley startup unveiled an all-electric car that stunned the world and had many other automakers rolling their eyes. Fast forward to 2014 and Tesla's preparing to launch its third model, the Model X. Production of the Model S sedan is humming along, and this new automaker continues to make headlines multiple times a week. Industry veteran Bob Lutz was the champion behind the Chevrolet Volt, and has been quite vocal about Tesla from the beginning. So what's his view on the company now? He said Tesla will remain a "fringe brand" until it launches its next generation of vehicles and the smaller, less expensive Model 3. Speaking Wednesday on CNBC's "Squawk Alley" finance show he said that Tesla's stock price was "kinda high" at the moment.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

13:55 Building Apps In Swift With Storyboards» Slashdot
Nerval's Lobster writes Apple touts the Swift programming language as easy to use, thanks in large part to features such as Interface Builder, a visual designer provided in Xcode that allows a developer to visually design storyboards. In theory, this simplifies the process of designing both screens and the connections between screens, as it needs no code and offers an easy-to-read visual map of an app's navigation. But is Swift really so easy (or at least as easy as anything else in a developer's workflow)? This new walkthrough of Interface Builder (via Dice) shows that it's indeed simple to build an app with these custom tools... so long as the app itself is simple. Development novices who were hoping that Apple had created a way to build complex apps with a limited amount of actual coding might have to spend a bit more time learning the basics before embarking on the big project of their dreams.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

13:39 Why Deadly Japan Volcano Erupted Without Warning» LiveScience.com
Japan's deadly blast at Mount Ontake was likely a phreatic eruption, a steam explosion that is nearly impossible to predict.
13:00 'O' My: Ring-Shaped Cloud Spotted Over the Pacific (Photo)» LiveScience.com
NASA's Earth Observatory released an image of an 'O'-shaped open-cell cloud that formed over the Pacific Ocean in early September.
13:00 Photo: Firefighter Reviving a Baby Hamster» Neatorama

Firefighters in Lacey, Washington extinguished a fire in a mobile home on Friday. Inside, they found five hamsters in a cage: Oreo, Madonna, and three unnamed baby hamsters.

They quickly consulted a pocket guide that they keep on hand for animal emergencies. They found suitable instructions, then administered oxygen to the five hamsters. Thankfully, four of animals survived.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath | Photo: Lacey Fire District 3

12:54 Court Rules Nokia Must Pay Damages To Buyers of Faulty Phones In Mexico» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes Nokia must pay damages to consumers in Mexico who reported malfunctioning handsets, following a court ruling for a trial that has lasted four years. The case was brought to court by Mexican watchdog Profeco in 2010, before the Finnish manufacturer was acquired by Microsoft – that deal was only completed earlier this year. Profeco added that the court has ordered Nokia to either replace the faulty handsets and/or reimburse their cost. On top of that, Nokia must also pay compensation totaling at least 20 percent of the damages resulting from malfunctioning. Customers that had been affected by faulty Nokia equipment would be able to seek damages even if they had not yet presented complaints.

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12:48 Win free tickets to the Treasure Island Music Festival!» Boing Boing

Want free VIP tickets to Boing Boing's favorite annual music event, San Francisco's Treasure Island Music Festival on October 18-19? This year's stellar line-up includes Massive Attack, Outkast, Alt-J, The New Pornographers, TV On The Radio, Janelle Monáe, Cathedrals, and a dozen other performances.

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12:39 Krakatoa eruption of 1883 could be heard 3000 miles away» Boing Boing

When the volcanic island of Krakatoa erupted in 1883, it "let out a noise louder than any it has made since." Measuring over 172 decibels, it produced "a blast of high pressure air so powerful that it ruptured the eardrums of sailors 40 miles away."

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times

12:38 New documents show legal basis for NSA surveillance programs» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

Mobile phone simulating call to German Chancellor Merkel next to a tablet showing the logo of NSA is seen in picture illustration taken in FrankfurtBy Nate Raymond and Aruna Viswanatha NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Documents released by the U.S. government show it views an executive order issued in 1981 as the basis of most of the National Security Agency's surveillance activities, the American Civil Liberties Union said on Monday. The NSA relied on Executive Order 12333 more than it did on two other laws that have been the focus of public debate following the leaks exposing U.S. surveillance programs by former agency contractor Edward Snowden, according to the papers released by the ACLU. ...

12:13 Sophisticated 600-Year-Old Canoe Discovered in New Zealand» LiveScience.com
Sophisticated oceangoing canoes and favorable winds may have helped early human settlers colonize New Zealand, a pair of new studies shows.
12:06 63 is a special number» Boing Boing
-7/4 is also special. Dr Holly Krieger, a Postdoctoral Fellow from MIT explains dynamical sequences, prime divisors, and special exceptions. I also enjoyed her video about the Mandelbrot Set. (Via Pickover)
12:00 Stagecoach Rules» Neatorama

The following is a list from the book Uncle John's Bathroom Reader History's Lists.

In the 1800s, stage travel was common. Up to nine passengers shared the coach. Second class passengers rode on top with the luggage. To keep things friendly, Wells Fargo posted rules of etiquette in each of their coaches.

1. Abstinence from liquor is requested, but if you must drink, share the bottle. To do otherwise makes you appear selfish and unneighborly.

2. If ladies are present, gentlemen are urged to forego smoking cigars and pipes as the odor of same is repugnant to the Gentle Sex. Chewing tobacco is permitted but spit WITH the wind, not against it.

3. Gentlemen must refrain from the use of rough language in the presence of ladies and children.

4. Buffalo robes are provided for your comfort during cold weather. Hogging robes will not be tolerated and the offender will be made to ride with the driver.

5. Don’t snore loudly while sleeping or use your fellow passenger’s shoulder for a pillow; he or she may not understand and friction may result.

6. Firearms may be kept on your person for use in emergencies. Do not fire them for pleasure or shoot at wild animals as the sound riles the horses.

7. In the event of runaway horses, remain calm. Leaping from the coach in panic will leave you injured, at the mercy of the elements, hostile Indians and hungry coyotes.

8. Forbidden topics of discussion are stagecoach robberies and Indian uprisings.

9. Gents guilty of unchivalrous behavior toward lady passengers will be put off the stage. It’s a long walk back. A word to the wise is sufficient.


The article above was reprinted with permission from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader History's Lists. Since 1988, the Bathroom Reader Institute had published a series of popular books containing irresistible bits of trivia and obscure yet fascinating facts.

If you like Neatorama, you'll love the Bathroom Reader Institute's books - go ahead and check 'em out!

11:52 Statistician Creates Mathematical Model To Predict the Future of Game of Thrones» Slashdot
KentuckyFC writes One way of predicting the future is to study data about events in the past and build a statistical model that generates the same pattern of data. Statisticians can then use the model to generate data about the future. Now one statistician has taken this art to new heights by predicting the content of the soon-to-be published novels in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin. The existing five novels are the basis of the hit TV series Game of Thrones. Each chapter in the existing books is told from the point of view of one of the characters. So far, 24 characters have starred in this way. The statistical approach uses the distribution of characters in chapters in the first five books to predict the distribution in the forthcoming novels. The results suggest that several characters will not appear at all and also throw light on whether one important character is dead or not, following an ambiguous story line in the existing novels. However, the model also serves to highlight the shortcomings of purely statistical approaches. For example, it does not "know" that characters who have already been killed off are unlikely to appear in future chapters. Neither does it allow for new characters that might appear. Nevertheless, this statistical approach to literature could introduce the process of mathematical modelling to more people than any textbook.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

11:52 Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices» Slashdot
schwit1 writes Google is looking to exert more pressure on device OEMs that wish to continue using the Android mobile operating system. Among the new requirements for many partners: increasing the number of Google apps that must be pre-installed on the device to as many as 20, placing more Google apps on the home screen or in a prominent icon folder and making Google Search more prominent. Earlier this year, Google laid its vision to reduce fragmentation by forcing OEMs to ship new devices with more recent version of Android. Those OEMs that choose not to comply lose access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps like Gmail, Google Play, and YouTube.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

11:31 Thriving as Humans in the New Robotic Era» WIRED
Thriving as Humans in the New Robotic Era

In a recent study by the Pew Research Internet Project and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center, 1,800 technology experts were asked about the future of man vs. machine in 2025. Will we live harmoniously with robotic technology, or will virtual employees displace humans? More than half (52%) said they believe that the potential impact […]

The post Thriving as Humans in the New Robotic Era appeared first on WIRED.

11:26 Live Science Thanks You, Our 1 Million+ Facebook Fans! (Infographic)» LiveScience.com
Live Science, founded in 2004, has grown to have more than 1 million fans on Facebook and continues to grow as more readers find us on social media and spread the word about our coverage of science, technology and the natural world.
11:04 Well-Armed Design: 8 Octopus-Inspired Technologies» LiveScience.com
Octopuses, with their underwater dexterity and camouflage abilities, have inspired much technological innovation. Here are some novel technologies that have been created based on the sea creature.
11:00 The Pizza Cake Is Now a Reality» Neatorama

A few months ago, the Canadian pizzeria chain Boston Pizza hosted a contest which invited customers to vote on an outrageous pizza innovation that it could make. Among them was a pizza cake. I'm fairly sure that the pizza cake image shown on the contest page was actually a photoshop.

This cake, however, is real. Shawn Syphus of Pillsbury set her wits to work designing and constructing this marvel of dough, cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni. It is a complex build that requires a 6-inch deep cake pan. But it looks quite do-able and certainly worth the effort. I mean, it's a pizza cake! The opportunity is easily worth the effort.

-via BuzzFeed

10:58 The Changing Role of IT: What iPhone 6, iOS 8 Mean to Business» WIRED
The Changing Role of IT: What iPhone 6, iOS 8 Mean to Business

Every time Apple comes out with a new product, the media is abuzz with excitement.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise — Apple is the technology leader who not only has its pulse on future technology trends, but sets the trends. The launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the week before last didn’t […]

The post The Changing Role of IT: What iPhone 6, iOS 8 Mean to Business appeared first on WIRED.

10:48 Photos: Amazing Tech Inspired by the Octopus» LiveScience.com
The octopus is inspiring all kinds of technologies, from grasping tentacles and camouflage material to robotic arms and suction cups. Here’s a look at the sophisticated tech that this sea creature has helped unleash in recent years.