Tue 29 July, 2014

09:24 Ridley Scott to Produce Philip K Dick's The Man In the High Castle» Slashdot
hawkinspeter (831501) writes Amazon has given the green light to produce the Hugo award-winning "The Man in the High Castle". This is after the four-hour mini-series was rejected by Syfy and afterwards by the BBC. Philip K Dick's novel takes place in an alternate universe where the Axis Powers won the Second World War. It's one of his most successful works, probably due to him actually spending the time to do some editing on it (most of his fiction was produced rapidly in order to get some money). Ridley Scott has previously adapted PKD's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" as the film Blade Runner, so it will be interesting to see how close he keeps to the source material this time. This news has been picked up by a few sites: International Business Times; The Register and Deadline.

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09:24 Better Living Through Data» Slashdot
jradavenport (3020071) writes "Using two years of continuous monitoring of my MacBook Air battery usage (once every minute), I have been able to study my own computer use patterns in amazing detail. This dataset includes 293k measurements, or more than 204 days of use over two years. I use the laptop over 50 hours per week on average, and my most productive day is Tuesday. Changes in my work/life balance have begun to appear over the two-year span, and I am curious whether such data can help inform how much computer use is healthy/productive."

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09:24 A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States» Slashdot
redletterdave (2493036) writes "Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr., 24, allegedly scammed Apple not once, but 42 times, cheating the company out of more than $300,000 — and his scam was breathtakingly simple. According to a Secret Service criminal complaint, Parrish allegedly visited Apple Stores and tried to buy products with four different debit cards, which were all closed by his respective financial institutions. When his debit card was inevitably declined by the Apple Store, he would protest and offer to call his bank — except, he wasn't really calling his bank. So he would allegedly offer the Apple Store employees a fake authorization code with a certain number of digits, which is normally provided by credit card issuers to create a record of the credit or debit override. But that's the problem with this system: as long as the number of digits is correct, the override code itself doesn't matter."

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09:24 $299 Android Gaming Tablet Reviewed» Slashdot
Vigile (99919) writes "Last week NVIDIA announced the SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller, and reviews are finally appearing this morning. Based on the high performance Tegra K1 SoC that integrates 192 Kepler architecture CUDA cores, benchmarks reveal that that the SHIELD Tablet is basically unmatched by any other mobile device on the market when it comes to graphics performance — it is more than 2.5x the performance of the Apple A7 in some instances. With that power NVIDIA is able to showcase full OpenGL versions of games like Portal and Half-Life 2 running at 1080p locally on the 19:12 display or output to a TV in a "console mode." PC Perspective has impressions of that experience as well as using the NVIDIA Game Stream technology to play your PC games on the SHIELD Tablet and controller. To go even further down the rabbit hole, you can stream your PC games from your desktop to your tablet, output them to the TV in console mode, stream your game play to Twitch from the tablet while overlaying your image through the front facing camera AND record your sessions locally via ShadowPlay and using the Wi-Fi Direct powered controller to send and receive audio. It is incredibly impressive hardware but the question remains as to whether or not there is, or will be, a market for Android-based gaming devices, even those with the power and performance that NVIDIA has built."

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09:20 OneNote on iOS and Mac now lets you attach files» Engadget RSS Feed
Like it or not, school is fast approaching. However, Microsoft thinks it can make the fall semester a little more bearable with big updates to OneNote on both iOS and the Mac. Both apps now let you attach files to your notes; you can include audio...
09:14 Fighters overrun Libyan special forces base» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Benghazi base taken by coalition of armed groups, officials say, as infringement in shaky ceasefire reported in Tripoli.
09:09 China says dozens killed in Xinjiang attack» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Report says men with knives attack police station in western region, leading to civilian casualties and deadly response.
09:07 How to cut a bagel into two interlocking rings» Boing Boing

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 12.04.00 PM

You will need a knife, a non-toxic marker, and some math.

09:07 Russia re-establishes contact with sex lizard satellite» Boing Boing
A ground team made contact with the gecko-carrying scientific research satellite after officials were unable to control it for a week. Read the rest
09:03 Succeeding at standardized tests means owning the books with the answers in them» Boing Boing

Standardized tests aren't tests of basic knowledge. They're branded products produced by textbook companies, and getting the right answers depends on whether you studied from the right books.

09:01 How to make your dumb home smarter without spending a fortune» Engadget RSS Feed
If you go all out connecting your house, you can end up spending as much upgrading a smart home as it costs to build a dumb one. But you don't need a ton of proprietary gear to pimp your crib with 21st-century tech. Your smartphone and tablet already...
09:00 Emmys 2014: Who Should Win Lead Actress in a Drama? Take Our Poll!» TVLine » TVLine
That old saying about “three’s a crowd” doesn’t apply to Emmy statuettes on your mantle. Which is exactly why Homeland‘s Claire Danes will be hoping to score her third consecutive win as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series at the 2014 ceremony. RELATED Emmys 2014: What Should Win Best Drama Series? Take Our Poll! Coming […]
09:00 Silverware Solo Rocks the House» Neatorama

YouTube Link

In a video he calls "I'm starving, man," the reason being "this happens every time I go to eat," YouTube user Aslam Hossein reminds viewers that music can be made with almost any ordinary item. I'd love to see this man let loose on a drum kit. Via 22 Words. 

08:59 Explore science in a weekly newsletter» Boing Boing


I'm about to start a year-long fellowship at Harvard, immersing myself in geeky science awesomeness, and you can follow along with my newsletter The Fellowship of Three Things.

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08:58 The existence of the Bahamas begins in the Sahara desert» Boing Boing

Here's a really fascinating example of the interconnectedness of life and the importance of viewing things as systems, rather than individual events.

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08:57 CIA and Pakistani Taliban undo global Polio eradication» Boing Boing

For more than 20 years, a more than $10 billion worldwide campaign has been under way to wipe out polio. But the success of that campaign depends on controlling the virus in Pakistan, where a botched CIA plot led to the Pakistani Taliban banning polio immunization in 2012.

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08:55 Giant Galaxy-Spying Telescope Set to Break Ground in Hawaii» LiveScience.com
A giant, 100-foot-diameter (30 meters) telescope has been green-lighted for construction on the island of Hawaii.
08:49 In Images: Hawaii's Giant Thirty Meter Telescope» LiveScience.com
The Thirty Meter Telescope is a proposed optical telescope with a 100-foot (30 meters) primary mirror. The giant telescope is set to be built on the island of Hawaii.
08:49 Fab 4 Math: Computer Maps Beatles' Musical Evolution» LiveScience.com
Researchers developed an algorithm that can map the musical progression of bands like the Beatles.
08:45 Ratings: Ninja Warrior Hits 2-Year High Vs. All-Time Low Bachelorette Finale» TVLine » TVLine
Bolstered by an original lead-in, NBC’s American Ninja Warrior this Monday drew 5.8 million total viewers and a 2.1 rating, rising two tenths in the demo to win the night, hit a two-year high and edge out The Bachelorette from 9 to 11 pm. Opening NBC’s night, Running Wild With Bear Grylls debuted to 4.6 mil and […]
08:35 In rare move, Canada accuses Chinese of trying to hack government network» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in WarsawBy David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada on Tuesday took the unusual step of singling out Chinese hackers for attacking a key computer network and lodged a protest with Beijing, raising tensions at a time when Ottawa wants to boost oil sales to China. Officials said "a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor" had recently broken into the National Research Council. The council, the government's leading research body, works with major firms such as aircraft and train maker Bombardier Inc.. Canada has reported hacking incidents before but this was the first time it had singled out China. China is often cited as a suspect in various hacking attacks on companies in the United States and other nations.

08:30 Beauty as Duty» Neatorama

In England during World War II, clothing and fabric was rationed, woman had to register for wartime jobs, and money was scarce. Everyone was expected to do their part. But Winston Churchill was concerned with what such privations would do to morale, and companies still wanted to sell beauty aids. To encourage women to keep their appearances up, the Beauty as Duty campaign was born. It was supposed to make women feel okay about indulging in beauty regimens made that them feel normal, but it was dressed up as part of the war effort so they wouldn’t feel guilty about such self-indulgence.   

The Beauty as Duty concept first appeared in popular advertising. In December of 1939, an advertisement for Evan Williams Shampoo was accompanied by the caption “Hair Beauty — is a duty, too!” It was already a woman’s job to serve her country and her family; cosmetics ads began to promote maintaining one’s personal appearance as another responsibility women had to fulfill. It was an idea that made a lot of marketing sense. Manufacturers wanted to continue selling their products during a time of international crisis, and like everyone else, they shared the desire for the Allies to win the war. It was natural to connect their products to patriotism, and mainstream media’s encouragement of consumption helped validate an activity that may have otherwise been considered frivolous or unnecessary.

Lipsticks, soaps, and other cosmetics came with slogans such as “Beauty Is Your Duty” or emphasized the message that it was a woman’s “duty to stay beautiful.” These ideas were so strongly discursively linked that beauty and resisting the enemy seemed two sides of the same coin. British cosmetics company Yardley ran advertisements in 1942 with the heading “No Surrender,” which claimed that ideal women honored “the subtle bonds between good looks and good morale.”

Churchill latched onto the idea and made it official government propaganda. An article from WORN Fashion Journal looks at the campaign from both the 1940s point of view and how it would be received today, which you can read at Buzzfeed.   

08:28 Quantum Wonderland: Neutron 'Cheshire Cats' Created» LiveScience.com
The Cheshire Cat of the classic children's book "Alice in Wonderland" had a smile that could disconnect from its body. In the spirit of Lewis Carroll, scientists have created quantum Cheshire Cats in the form of neutrons separated from their magnetism.
08:28 'The Last of Us' brought to life in live stage show» Engadget RSS Feed
Today, The Last of Us is getting ready to take over PlayStation 4 consoles everywhere, and soon it may also be conquering... Broadway. Well, maybe not so much. But Naughty Dog's popular title did make its debut on the live stage, with a show called...
08:21 NASA's Mars Opportunity rover sets a new driving record, beats an old Soviet one» Boing Boing

The NASA Opportunity Mars rover landed on Mars ten years ago, and was not expected to be trucking along in the dust an entire decade later.

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08:20 Cat knows how to use water cooler» Boing Boing
"We serve them." [Video Link] cat
08:13 Man sentenced after filming self driving car from passenger seat» Boing Boing
08:08 Child porn thumbdrive "fell out" of man's bottom» Boing Boing
A thumbdrive loaded with indecent images of children fell from between the cheeks of a man's bottom during a frisking in London. [via]
08:00 Adam Savage's 'Alien' Spacesuit Lets Him Go Incognito At Comic-Con» Neatorama

Cosplayers put a lot of time, energy and skilled effort into constructing their costumes, often spending weeks if not months putting their outfit together, building accessories and getting the overall look just right before hitting the Comic-Con floor.

However, one very famous geek named Adam Savage went above and beyond when he constructed his Alien themed spacesuit for Comic-Con, a classic costume ten years in the making.

Clearly Adam didn’t spend ten whole years making the suit, and the last decade has been a rather busy part of his life, but his incredible patience finally paid off when Mr. Savage became Adam Incognito on the Con floor:

(Video Link)

Here’s why Adam chose this particular sci-fi spacesuit as a decade long cosplay project:

  "The Alien spacesuit, which was designed by Moebius, is one of my favorite spacesuit designs ever, and I'm a spacesuit fanatic," Savage revealed. "I've got a bunch of replicas of real ones and fake ones. I've been working on this this particular suit over the last 10 years. It's the final culmination of a decade of obsession — it was worth every minute of labor put into it to see the responses from all the cosplayers out on the floor."

I must admit I had no idea that Adam Savage was in the suit when I passed him on the Con floor, and his costume was so well made and intricately detailed that it looked just as good up close as it does in photos, as you would expect from something built by that talented buster of myths.

-Via Yahoo

08:00 Engadget giveaway: win an iPad mini and GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition courtesy of younity!» Engadget RSS Feed
Summer has long been the season of vacations, beach outings and BBQs, and that means documenting every possible moment on camera. It helps to have your tunes close at hand, too, in case the party's about to jump off. The task of copying over...
07:57 U.S. GMO crop companies double down on anti-labeling efforts» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News
One year after the launch of a social media effort to allay consumers' concerns about the safety of foods made from genetically modified crops, U.S. companies that develop GMOs have further committed to a multimillion-dollar campaign to defeat attempts to add GMO labels to such foods. "We are not going to sit down for that (labeling)," Cathleen Enright, spokeswoman for the effort, said in an interview. It is the mechanism that we can’t abide." Monsanto Co., Dow Chemical and other GMO crop backers last summer kicked off an interactive website, called GMO Answers, as the centerpiece of a broad effort to win over consumers. A speakers' tour and social media advertising are part of the effort.
07:51 Amazon's 100 Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime» Boing Boing

I just got done scanning Amazon's list of 100 Children's books to read in a lifetime. It brought tears to me eyes, I'll likely be re-reading quite a few of them.

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07:47 Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Total death toll stands at 1,178, while Gaza's only power station shuts down after being hit.
07:41 Castle's Molly Quinn Talks Teary Finale, the Alexis-Kate Tension That Follows» TVLine » TVLine
Castle‘s Molly Quinn echoes many a viewer when she says that ending Season 6 with the title character burned to a crisp in a car wreck is “the last thing I expected them to do.” RELATED Castle EPs Talk Finale Twist: ‘Fans Will Be Happy It Wasn’t a Dream’ Visiting TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite, the actress […]
07:39 Canada foreign minister protests to China over hacking attempt» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird protested to his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday about what he said was an attempt by China-sponsored hackers to break into a key computer system in Ottawa, a government official said. Baird had "a full and frank exchange of views" with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a meeting in Beijing, spokesman Adam Hodge said. Canada said "a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor" recently broke into computers at the National Research Council, the Canadian government's leading research and technology organization.
07:34 Palestinian truce offer hangs in balance» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
PLO says it agrees plan with Hamas for 24-hour ceasefire, a statement Hamas says depends on the agreement of Israel.
07:31 US: Russia violated nuclear missile treaty» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Washington says Russia has conducted tests in violation of the 1987 treaty and calls for immediate talks.
07:31 China investigates Microsoft over monopoly worries» Engadget RSS Feed
Microsoft just can't catch a break from China these days. The country's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has raided Microsoft offices in four cities over concerns that the company may be violating anti-monopoly laws. While the...
07:30 50 Words That Sound Rude But Actually Aren't» Neatorama

Once while giving a driving lesson, I told my daughter to quit pussyfooting around. She became highly offended that I would use such language, and didn’t learn a thing that day besides that her mother has a vulgar vocabulary. Oh, the things she has yet to learn. Anyway, “pussyfooting” wasn’t even rude enough to make this list of rude-sounding words that mean something completely different from what they sound like. Here’s a snippet:    


A dreamhole is a small slit or opening made in the wall of a building to let in sunlight or fresh air. It was also once used to refer to holes in watchtowers used by lookouts and guards, or to openings left in the walls of church towers to amplify the sounds of the bells.


According to one 19th century glossary of industrial slang, a fanny-blower or fanner was "used in the scissor-grinding industry," and comprised "a wheel with vanes, fixed onto a rotating shaft, enclosed in a case or chamber to create a blast of air." In other words, it’s a fan.


Fartlek is a form of athletic training in which intervals of intensive and much less strenuous exercise are alternated in one long continuous workout. It literally means "speed-play" in Swedish.

And those are just some of the more innocuous words from the list of 50 at mental_floss.

(Image credit: Dashaundamon)

07:29 Running as little as 30 minutes a week reduces your risk of early death» Boing Boing
"Three's a crowd" by Thomas Rousing, a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

"Three's a crowd" by Thomas Rousing, a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

A study released this week in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that participants who ran less than one hour each week received the same health benefits as people who ran more. Read the rest

07:20 Put Your Code in the SWAMP: DHS Sponsors Online Open Source Code Testing» Slashdot
cold fjord (826450) writes with an excerpt from ZDNet At OSCon, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ... quietly announced that they're now offering a service for checking out your open-source code for security holes and bugs: the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP). ... Patrick Beyer, SWAMP's Project Manager at Morgridge Institute for Research, the project's prime contractor, explained, "With open source's popularity, more and more government branches are using open-source code. Some are grabbing code from here, there, and everywhere." Understandably, "there's more and more concern about the safety and quality of this code. We're the one place you can go to check into the code" ... funded by a $23.4 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), SWAMP is designed by researchers from the Morgridge Institute, the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana, Indiana University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Each brings broad experience in software assurance, security, open source software development, national distributed facilities and identity management to the project. ... SWAMP opened its services to the community in February of 2014 offering five open-source static analysis tools that analyze source code for possible security defects without having to execute the program. ... In addition, SWAMP hosts almost 400 open source software packages to enable tool developers to add enhancements in both the precision and scope of their tools. On top of that the SWAMP provides developers with software packages from the National Institute for Standards and Technology's (NIST) Juliet Test Suite. I got a chance to talk with Beyer at OSCON, and he emphasized that anyone's code is eligible — and that there's no cost to participants, while the center is covered by a grant.

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07:20 Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline» Slashdot
necro81 (917438) writes "Gaza's only power plant (see this profile at IEEE Spectrum — duct tape and bailing wire not included) has been knocked offline following an Israeli strike. Reports vary, but it appears that Israeli tank shells caused a fuel bunker at the plant to explode. Gaza, already short on electricity despite imports from Israel and Egpyt, now faces widening blackouts."

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07:17 Internet users often unclear about their data use: U.S. watchdog» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News
By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. consumers often incorrectly estimate how much data they consume online and pay Internet providers for more downloading and uploading than they actually do, a U.S. government watchdog said in findings released on Tuesday. The observations were preliminary from the Government Accountability Office's review of the practice of usage-based pricing, in which consumers pay Internet service providers (ISPs) for a specific amount of data they agree to consume instead of a flat fee for unlimited data. In a study requested by California Representative Anna Eshoo, the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, found consumers often were unclear about what online activities consumed the most data and paid ISPs too much either for data they did not use or through overage fees for exceeding data caps. Most wireline ISPs told the GAO that usually only 1 percent to 2 percent of users exceeded their data caps.
07:11 Alaska's 'Hidden' Forests Captured in Unprecedented Detail (Photo)» LiveScience.com
A NASA imaging system has captured the first high-resolution images of Alaska's remote and poorly studied forests.
07:09 U.S. Senate bill proposes sweeping curbs on NSA surveillance» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont turns his camera on reporters in HavanaBy Doina Chiacu WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senator Patrick Leahy will introduce legislation on Tuesday to ban the U.S. government's bulk collection of Americans' telephone records and Internet data and narrow how much information it can seek in any particular search. The bill, which has White House backing, goes further than a version passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in reducing bulk collection and may be more acceptable to critics who have dismissed other versions as too weak. Revelations last year by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden prompted President Barack Obama to ask Congress in January to rein in the bulk collection and storage of records of millions of U.S. domestic telephone calls. The legislation is not expected to come up for a vote in the Senate before Congress leaves for a five-week break on Friday.

07:08 Journalists subpoenaed in Pink Slime maker's lawsuit against news organizations» Boing Boing
The beef product known as pink slime or lean finely textured beef is frozen on large drums as part of the manufacturing process at the Beef Products Inc. plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska March 29, 2012.  [Reuters]

The beef product known as pink slime or lean finely textured beef is frozen on large drums as part of the manufacturing process at the Beef Products Inc. plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska March 29, 2012. [Reuters]

At least four reporters have been ordered to turn over documents to attorneys representing America's largest “pink slime” producer, Beef Products Inc, in a $1.2-billion defamation lawsuit against ABC News and other news organizations. Read the rest

07:00 First Look: Hot in Cleveland's Elka Makes Like Wonka in Animated Outing» TVLine » TVLine
TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland this week will enter a world of pure animation — and TVLine has a first look at an everlasting showstopper of a sequence. RELATED Jennifer Falls Casts Chris D’Elia as Jaime Pressly’s [Spoiler] The episode finds Melanie, Joy and Victoria finally exploring Elka’s mysterious apartment, before they bump into Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler […]
07:00 Ninja Warrior Phenom Tackles Assassin's Creed Experience At SDCC» Neatorama

People were lining up under the hot California sun all weekend long just to take a crack at Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Experience obstacle course, but something tells me nobody tackled the course quite like Kacy Catanzaro.

She recently became the first woman to beat the brutal American Ninja Warrior course, so this incredible athlete couldn't help but make this fun Assassin’s Creed themed course outside San Diego Comic-Con look like a walk in the park:

If these obstacle courses are any indication Kacy is physically well prepared for the life of an assassin, and maybe she can change Ubisoft's mind about having a female assassin in the series.

-Via Nerd Approved

06:57 Your personal privacy isn't the only cost of NSA surveillance» Boing Boing
"We're trading away not only privacy, but also the U.S. tech economy, internet openness, America’s foreign policy interests and cybersecurity.” Read the rest
06:43 Drones Could Grow to $11 Billion Industry by 2024» LiveScience.com
A new report detailing the growth of the drone industry finds that over the next 10 years, the amount of money spent annually on drones and their accompanying technologies will likely double worldwide.
06:40 UK copyright police hit piracy sites where it hurts: their wallets» Engadget RSS Feed
One of the downsides of watching Game of Thrones or The Soup via a nefarious website is that you're bombarded with pop-ups for everything from porn to sandwiches. Now, however, you're just as likely to see ads from the City of London Police's...
06:38 Australians fighting in Iraq to face arrest» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Police obtain warrants for Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar after one posts photos of other posing with severed heads.
06:30 Reverse Dog Shaming» Neatorama

(Image: redditor: drain65)

We've seen dog shaming--where humans place signs in front of their dogs, calling out their disgraceful behavior in the first person. Now man's best friend is turning the tables on us, forcing us to admit how we cheat them.

I will confess that sometimes I just pretend to throw the ball. And sometimes I act like a piece of ordinary dog kibble is a treat. I'm a bad human.

-via Tastefully Offensive

06:21 Game of Thrones Book Club: Sansa V and Jaime VII, from A Storm of Swords» Boing Boing
With the completion of Season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Ivan and Red dig back into the Boars, Gore, And Swords book club, where they cover the chapters of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series that correspond to the previous television season. No book spoilers past the TV show! Read the rest
06:20 London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites» Slashdot
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "The City of London police has started placing banner advertisements on websites believed to be offering pirated content illegally. The messages, which will appear instead of paid-for ads, will ask users to close their web browsers. The move comes as part of a continuing effort to stop piracy sites from earning money through advertising. Police said the ads would make it harder for piracy site owners to make their pages look authentic. "When adverts from well known brands appear on illegal websites, they lend them a look of legitimacy and inadvertently fool consumers into thinking the site is authentic," said Detective Chief Inspector Andy Fyfe from the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (Pipcu). "This new initiative is another step forward for the unit in tackling IP crime and disrupting criminal profits. "Copyright infringing websites are making huge sums of money though advert placement, therefore disrupting advertising on these sites is crucial and this is why it is an integral part of Operation Creative.""

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

06:20 How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes "Sunday was the birthday of the late great Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons and Futurama guest star. With the fifth edition of D&D soon to come out at Gen Con this year, Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World, has released a new piece to answer a historical question: how was it, back in 1985, that Gary was ousted from TSR and control of D&D was taken away from him? Drawn from board meeting minutes, stock certificates, letters, and other first-hand sources, it's not a quick read or a very cheery one, but it shows how the greatest success of hobby games of the 1980s fell apart and marginalized its most famous designer."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

06:12 Tikis of Bora Bora» Boing Boing
Mark Frauenfelder returns from vacation with a substantially-enlarged collection of tiki photographs. Read the rest
06:00 Scoop: Revenge Casts S.H.I.E.L.D. Siren in Recurring Season 4 Role» TVLine » TVLine
Agents of SH.I.E.L.D.‘s Asgardian temptress will next be working her wiles on ABC’s Revenge. RELATED Fall Preview 2014: Your Handy Calendar of 99 Premieres TVLine has learned that Sochi-raised Elena Satine has been cast in the recurring role of Louise, the “black sheep” daughter of a wealthy Southern family. Louise is described as “slightly unhinged,” though […]
06:00 Wholock: The Musical» Neatorama

(YouTube link)

If you were going to mashup Doctor Who and Sherlock, you may as well make it a musical. It would have to start with a little number about one-upmanship before they can join forces. After all, neither one wants to be the sidekick! The lyrics are at the YouTube page. -via Viral Viral Videos

05:53 Bike of the future removes the need to shift gears, pedal up hills or pack a lock» Engadget RSS Feed
Biking in Seattle can be less than mellow with all the hills, traffic and especially that rain. But those things are exactly what inspired the Teague team of bicycle designers to build the Denny bike for the Oregon Manifest bike design project. The...
05:40 A Rolling Object Accelerating Down an Incline» WIRED
Suppose you have a cylinder on an ramp and you let it start rolling down. What will be its acceleration? Great question, right? I like this because it brings in many different concepts in introductory physics. Also, I’m not too fond of the way most textbooks solve this problem. Point Mass vs. Rigid Object In […]

05:39 Co-op's trolley-mounted tablets want answers» Engadget RSS Feed
Tablets are everywhere these days -- so much so that bolting one to a shopping trolley isn't even a novel idea. Sainsbury's previously used slates to keep shoppers entertained while ambling the aisles, and now a new trial at a handful of Co-operative...
05:32 Pretty in Pink: New Moon Rock Reveals Rosy Secret» LiveScience.com
A mysterious new moon rock has revealed its secrets to scientists on Earth, who cooked up a copy of the unattainable pink crystals in a searing hot crucible.
05:30 Hide Your Conditioner Like A Pro -Literally» Neatorama

Central air conditioning is pretty much amazing -but the compressor units are one of the biggest eyesores on the backside of your house. That's why, over at Homes and Hues, we compiled two new solutions to hide those ugly units while still providing them with enough air flow to keep them running at maximum capacity.

While these are both professional designs, the top one looks easy enough for a particularly handy person to replicate, while the lower design could be great inspiration for a professional back yard redesign.

Check out more pictures over at Homes and Hues: Two More Alternatives For Hiding Your Air Conditioner

05:29 Nixon on the problems with panda sex» Boing Boing
Washington Post

Washington Post

"The problem with, uh—The problem, however, with pandas is that they don’t know how to mate. The only way they learn how is to watch other pandas mate. You see?"—Richard Nixon. There's audio. [Washington Post]
05:19 China's ex-security chief faces investigation» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Zhou Yongkang, who retired from powerful Politburo standing committee in 2012, facing "serious disciplinary violation".
05:11 Viddy is an adorable pinhole camera made of reclaimed parts and cardboard» Engadget RSS Feed
Pinhole cameras might already be the domain of photography mavens and earnest summer vacation school projects, but does it look like this? The Viddy is a charming 35mm and medium format pinhole camera that has a glue-free construction and even...
05:00 The Holy Grail Redux» Neatorama

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research.

by Steve Nadis
Cambridge, Massachusetts

In an earlier paper ("In Search of the Holy Grail," AIR 2:2), I presented the first rigorous analysis of the meaning of the "holy grail" -- a term that is ubiquitous in science journalism and academic prose, ascribed, at one time or another, to just about every "big" scientific question in virtually every major discipline. Though inconclusive, that landmark study reached the definitive conclusion that the phrase holy grail is more or less impossible to define, having been used in so many different settings as to have been rendered almost meaningless. This latest effort carries my previous work to the next level, proceeding -- in the usual scientific fashion--one step forward and two back.

One of the best ways of determining what scholars mean by the holy grail, or variations thereof, is through "context." The basic strategy employed here was to apply my keen powers of perception to the body of evidence accumulated to date in the hopes that some kernels of meaning might emerge, if not leap off the page outright.

My investigation began where all good investigation begins -- at our nation's "jewel in the crown," the public library system. Like many a seasoned investigator, I called the reference desk at the New York Public Library to see if its knowledgeable staff could solve the riddle of the grail once and for all. Unfortunately, they offered nothing more than a textbook definition.

Next, I returned to the site of my previous triumph, my local branch library, where some years ago I first cracked the case of the grail. To my dismay, the card catalog upon which I had leaned so heavily over the decades was no longer in service. In fact, it no longer existed, having been removed and recycled for kindling years ago.

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04:59 US tries to calm fears as Ebola virus spreads» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
National security adviser says spread of deadly virus "grave concern" after two American aid workers develop infection.
04:22 Karzai's cousin killed in Afghanistan attack» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Death of Hashmat Karzai, who managed presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani's campaign, seen as blow to stability efforts.
04:22 Microsoft and Intel's latest development board will cost you $300» Engadget RSS Feed
Intel may reign supreme in the desktop and laptop space, but ARM is eating its lunch almost everywhere else. That's not something the chipmaker can ignore, which is why it's having another crack at the hobby / developer market with Sharks Cove. The...
04:01 Civilian deaths mount in eastern Ukraine» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
Children among 22 killed in eastern Horlivka town as troops try to encircle separatists in area where airliner crashed.
04:00 Walmart: Home of Faux Ice Cream» Neatorama

YouTube Link

Dan Collins, a disc jockey at KIKN Radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, got a tip that Walmart Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches don't melt. Sitting outside on a sunny, 80-degree summer day, Collins watched the ice cream sandwich sit on a plate. Next to the sandwich was a scoop of Blue Bunny ice cream on another plate. After over an hour, Collins recorded the sickening results.

All of a sudden, I feel like hijacking an ice cream truck and seeing what other "delicious frozen treats" are suspect. Via Viral Viral Videos.

03:55 Judge allows $2 billion Clippers sale» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
The Los Angeles NBA franchise can be sold to Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer despite the appeals of Donald Sterling.
03:35 Personal Privacy Is Only One of the Costs of NSA Surveillance» WIRED
There is no doubt the integrity of our communications and the privacy of our online activities have been the biggest casualty of the NSA’s unfettered surveillance of our digital lives. But the ongoing revelations of government eavesdropping has had a profound impact on the economy, the security of the internet and the credibility of the […]

03:35 Exclusive: See James Cameron Prep His Submarine Team for a Deep Sea Dive» WIRED
James Cameron's next film is deep. Like, seven miles deep. It's a 90-minute documentary of the Avatar director's quest to take a submersible he designed himself way down into the Mariana Trench, so it's literally the least superficial movie he's ever made. Check out an exclusive clip here.

03:35 An Ingenious Plane Design That Makes Room for Your Carry-Ons» WIRED
London-based design firm Priestmangoode has solved the problem of carry-on storage once and for all.

03:35 These Medical Apps Have Doctors and the FDA Worried» WIRED
Iltifat Husain has seen an awful lot of sickness and injury during his time as an emergency room doctor, but lately, he’s worried about something new. He’s worried about the ill effects of mobile healthcare apps. There are hundreds of medically themed apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, and by most accounts, they’ve […]

03:35 What’s Up With That: Why Does Your Dog Seem to Know What Time It Is?» WIRED
It’s five o’clock, and your dog is excitedly wagging her tail and nuzzling against you. Your furry friend is hungry and seems to know that this is the hour you usually feed her. But was this performance a simple reaction to a rumbling in Ginger’s tummy or are canines actually able to somehow read the clock? […]

03:35 Angry Nerd: What Marvel and DC Can Learn From Lucy» WIRED
Scarlett Johansson stars as the ass-kicking, nearly superhuman protagonist in the new sci-fi action flick Lucy. But while the French—namely the film's writer and director Luc Besson—continue to put out films lead by strong heroines, Marvel and DC seem content to sit on a reservoir of amazing female characters like She-Hulk and Black Widow. Unacceptable!

03:35 Facebook’s New Save Button Is Actually Useful» WIRED
With the new Save Links feature, Facebook's main iOS app finally gets a built-in bookmarking service.

03:35 Cadillac’s New Wireless Charging Probably Won’t Work on Your Phone» WIRED
Now that Cadillac is putting 4G LTE in its cars, it makes sense to offer an equally advanced phone charging solution, one that doesn’t depend on wires that get tangled and in the way. So GM’s luxury arm announced Monday that its customers will soon be able to charge their phones just by putting them […]

03:35 Turning Garbage Into Art Is This Photographer’s Life’s Work» WIRED
Time does funny things to a lot of photographs. Rather than give them a sense of nostalgia, time too often makes them look silly. Open a magazine from, say, 1975 and look at the advertisements. Odds are the photographs are horribly outdated and what was once desirable and cool is now passé, even laughable. Photographer […]

03:35 Record on the Go With This Affordable External iPhone Mic» WIRED
Measuring about 2.5 inches square and a half an inch deep, the Mikey Digital is small enough to stow in a pocket or backpack. The $100 multi-purpose mic is suited for recording the occasional podcast, your band's rehearsals, or interviews for work.

03:34 You can now watch Blu-ray 3D movies on your PlayStation 4» Engadget RSS Feed
Before the newest, shiniest consoles launched late last year, it was the Xbox One that was touted as the complete multimedia machine. It's slightly ironic, then, that Sony's beaten Microsoft to the punch in adding Blu-ray 3D support to the...
03:05 Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM» Slashdot
dotarray (1747900) writes By now, everybody should know that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Let's apply that to EA, shall we? The publisher is giving away copies of The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection, for free... and not mentioning that it includes the controversial SecuROM anti-piracy software. Nobody likes SecuROM.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

03:00 The Garbage Dress» Neatorama

Robin Barcus Slonina is an artist who creates novel items of clothing from unusual materials, such as a bikini made out of poker chips and a dress made of wiffle balls. For a while, she was composing "a site-specific, interactive 'dress' sculpture in each state of the union." This dress made of garbage bags represents New York.

Slonina is a native of Chicago. Her first visit to New York City was during a sanitation workers' strike. There were huge piles of uncollected garbage everywhere. They left a lasting impression. In her mind, "the sanitation workers that mange these tiny mountains every week are the true heroes of the city."

Slonina made her dress out of garbage bags filled with newspapers--specifically, The New York Times. The entire dress is thus recyclable. You can see more photos of it on her Facebook page.

-via Recyclart

03:00 Spotify's iOS app gets equalizer feature with custom settings and 22 presets» Engadget RSS Feed
Spotify's latest iOS app update rolls out today and adds a new equalizer to playback functionality. "A lot of our users have been asking for a built-in equalizer for a while now and it's currently one of our most requested features on iOS," says Sten...
02:18 Apple gives Retina MacBook Pros a speed boost ahead of Yosemite rollout» Engadget RSS Feed
After rumors surfaced yesterday about an incoming MacBook Pro refresh, Apple's store went down earlier today, and now, hey presto! New MacBook Pros. The updated models haven't changed significantly, but look to be better equipped to handle the next...
02:00 Dog Plays Waltz on Piano» Neatorama

(YouTube link)

Bella the German Shepherd plays piano, with the help of Dani Rosenoer. The ridiculousness of the piano playing dog is enough to make me laugh, but wait until Bella has a treat and then has to make sure every little crumb is found and consumed! -via Tastefully Offensive

01:00 Creative Writing Prompt: "Oh God Where Is My Gun!"» Neatorama

That's the title of this compelling painting by Vitaly S. Alexius. There's more context available. But I'd like to leave it at just the title.

In the comments, write a bit of flash fiction. What can you do with this image? What stories spring from your mind as you look at it?

00:55 Dear Museums: Uploading Your Content To Wikimedia Commons Just Got Easier» Slashdot
The ed17 (2834807) writes Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) are now facing fewer barriers to uploading their content to Wikimedia Commons — the website that stores most of Wikipedia's images and videos. Previously, these institutions had to build customized scripts or be lucky enough to find a Wikimedia volunteer to do the work for them. According to the toolset's coordinator Liam Wyatt, 'this is a giant leap forward in giving GLAMs the agency to share with Commons on their own terms.' The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has a short article on their use of the new toolkit to upload hundreds of videos of birds. See also the GWToolset project page and documentation on the upload system (includes screencasts). Before the toolset, organizations wishing to donate collections had to write one-off tools to translate between their metadata schema and Wikimedia's schema. The GWToolset allows the organization to generate and upload a single XML file containing metadata (using arbitrary, even mixed, schemas, with some limitations) for all items in a batch upload, prompts for mappings between the vocabulary used by the organization and the vocabulary accepted by Mediawiki, and then pulls the files into the Commons.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

00:50 Opportunity rover breaks record for longest distance driven off-Earth» Engadget RSS Feed
When the Opportunity rover landed on the red planet in 2004, NASA only intended to drive it for about 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) within 90 Martian days. But the rover turned out to be a hardy Mars explorer, and on its 10th year on the planet, it has...
00:00 France offers asylum to Iraqi Christians» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
France to welcome Christians fleeing the area controlled by Islamic State, expresses outrage at their persecution.
00:00 Magic Numbers» Neatorama

(YouTube link)

Check out this amazing method for learning how to multiply! Well, it’s an amazing story for learning, specifically, what 4 x 9 is. Or maybe it’s not so much amazing as it is baffling.

Darren Michalczuk’s YouTube channel The Brick School has several videos along this line. They are a few years old, but Michalczuk continues to push his learning method at his website Brain Magic. You can even buy apps to teach your child this method! Michalczuk has written quite a few education articles about the magic of learning that are as incomprehensible as the Magic Numbers series.

Of course it’s satire, but it’s played so straight across the web for so many years that it’s a masterful feat. You have to wonder if anyone ever took it seriously. My guess is that it would be easy to take it seriously if you just read the ads for the apps. The articles, well, someone with less-than-stellar critical thinking skills might swallow them whole, but the videos area real WTF moment. -via Digg

Mon 28 July, 2014

23:35 Cortana now taps into Foursquare to give you recommendations for lunch» Engadget RSS Feed
It turns out that Microsoft had bigger plans for Foursquare than just search and maps for Bing. The check-in service is now accessible by Redmond's digital assistant, Cortana, as spotted on Reddit by Neowin. The addition apparently makes for...
23:13 Hawaii's Climate Wipeout (VIDEO)» LiveScience.com
Hawai'i faces the same risks from rising sea levels as other atolls and islands.
23:00 Thrift Store Paintings With Added Touches» Neatorama

Toronto, Ontario-based artist David Irvine thinks green in his life and in his art. In fact, his art, which is sold under the name "The Gnarled Branch," is based on the idea of repurposing and transformiing objects that might otherwise end up in landfills.  

The paintings shown here are flea market and thrift shop finds, to which Irvine has added humorous pop culture characters and references. That these augmentations are so strategically placed in the paintings only increases the fun. Irvine says via his Etsy profile,

"Taking cast off items and transforming them into something 'cool' that people love and want is a big thrill. Generally I like creating works of art that are creepy or edgy since I have a passion for scary stuff and Halloween. I do a lot of artworks that would be described as low brow contemporary but have worked on many commissioned pieces that were more traditional in nature. When I'm not creating I enjoy gardening, scary movies and anything Halloween."

In other words, he couldn't be more up our alley. See more of David Irvine's work on Etsy, Facebook and bookmark his website for future visits, as it's currently under construction. Via Twisted Sifter.

22:58 Are Kids Afraid of Nature? (Op-Ed)» LiveScience.com
U.S. park rangers have observed that a fear of nature is growing in kids and adults.
22:25 Unleashing the Power of the Bilingual Mind (Op-Ed)» LiveScience.com
Can mixing languages in your mind help you learn both?
22:19 The game controller that trains your pelvic floor muscles» Engadget RSS Feed
The high-tech pelvic floor trainer space just became more competitive. Remember kGoal? Well, a Kickstarter campaign's looking to fund the production of a similar device called Skea (short for Smart Kegel Exercise Aid), which boasts something kGoal...
22:00 Brilliant Pediatrician Knows How to Make a Toddler Laugh While Getting Shots» Neatorama

(Video Link)

Dr. Michael Darden is a highly trained pediatrician and allergist. But he's more than just a man of science. He also has a gifted bedside manner. Here he is in his D.C.-area clinic giving two shots to a toddler. This would normally cause a young child to howl in pain. But Dr. Darden is so entertaining that instead the little boy laughs.

(Video Link)

Here's another interesting video. It's an interview with Dr. Darden. At the 5:10 mark, he shares a fascinating story. When he was still in high school, he worked in a hospital. At the age of about 16 or 17, he had the opportunity to observe an autopsy. The body was that of someone that he knew well. It was, for Dr. Darden, an early encounter with the mysterious boundary between life and death.

-via Huffington Post

21:50 Health Check: What’s Your Gut Feeling About Probiotics? (Op-Ed)» LiveScience.com
You don’t usually have to look far to find news about the virtues of probiotics, but should you go out and seek probiotic-laden products to cultivate a healthier gut?
21:50 UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes UK researchers say they've devised a simple blood test that can be used to diagnose whether people have cancer or not. The Lymphocyte Genome Sensitivity (LGS) test looks at white blood cells and measures the damage caused to their DNA when subjected to different intensities of ultraviolet light (UVA), which is known to damage DNA. The results of the empirical study show a distinction between the damage to the white blood cells from patients with cancer, with pre-cancerous conditions and from healthy patients. "Whilst the numbers of people we tested are, in epidemiological terms, quite small (208), in molecular epidemiological terms, the results are powerful," said the team's lead researcher. "We've identified significant differences between the healthy volunteers, suspected cancer patients and confirmed cancer patients of mixed ages at a statistically significant level .... This means that the possibility of these results happening by chance is 1 in 1000." The research is published online in the FASEB Journal, the U.S. Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

21:06 Under the Dome Recap: Tunnel Vision» TVLine » TVLine
True story: Last week, a fellow member of Team TVLine — who hadn’t seen Under the Dome in a while — asked me what Julia has been up to since Season 2 began. Embarrassingly, I had no answer. I believe my exact words were, “Uh… she’s just there… being herself?” And while this exchange did […]
21:01 Rhapsody bets on carrier partnerships to grow its music service» Engadget RSS Feed
Rhapsody International, the parent company of music-streaming services Rhapsody and Napster, has just announced it is now home to two million paid subscribers. That sum may not seem like a lot at first glance, especially when compared to the 10...
21:00 Why Are Cans Shaped That Way?» Neatorama

The metal can is an amazing work of food packaging. They are tough, long-lasting, and convenient. But how did we come to agree on the cylindrical shape of food cans? Nick Berry at Datagenetics (previously at Neatorama) takes a look at the many aspects of a simple design.

* The ratio of packaging materials to the volume of food.
* Structural integrity and strength.
* The ease of packing, stacking, shipping, and storing quantities of containers.
* Minimizing wasted space.
* The ease of manufacture.
* Usability for the consumer.
* Aesthetics.

Each of these aspects is studied, and since it is Datagenetics, there is some math involved. Who knew so much thought went into a can of soup? Still, everyone has something to complain about. My pet peeve is using my 1972 cook book that calls for 16-ounce cans of some ingredient and finding they are sold in 13- and 14-ounce sizes now. You’ll learn more than you ever thought you needed to know about food cans in this article. -Thanks, Nick!

20:39 Teen Wolf Recap: Beta and Switch» TVLine » TVLine
Teen Wolf isn’t messing around anymore. In addition to claiming the life of a fan-favorite character, Monday’s episode also revealed a not-so-bright future for a key member of Scott’s pack (with emphasis on the word key.) RELATED The Teen Wolf Cast Howls at Coyote Sex Specifics, Previews New Romance and Evolving Creature Effects Lydia and Stiles’ attempt to […]
20:38 'The Last of Us' looks better on PS4 but it's not perfect» Engadget RSS Feed
Just over a year ago, Sony and developer Naughty Dog unleashed the emotionally wrenching The Last of Us on the PlayStation 3. And while the post-apocalyptic tale was heralded at the time for its affecting narrative, the game's technical prowess...
20:00 Watch This Dog Faint from Excitement after Reuniting with Her Owner» Neatorama

(Video Link)

Rebecca Ehalt moved to Slovenia. For two years, her dog, Casey, lived with her parents in Pennsylvania. Their reunion was unexpected but joyful for the nine-year old schnauzer. He got so excited that he fainted.

Don't worry! Casey recovered. It was just an overwhelming emotion. Ehalt concedes that although it was only a two-year separation for her, "in fairness [that] is 14 years in dog years."

-Thanks, Wifey!

19:43 Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5?» Slashdot
First time accepted submitter baka_toroi (1194359) writes I got a Tungsten E2 from a friend and I wanted to give it some life by programming for it a little bit. The main problem I'm bumping up against is that HP thought it would be awesome to just shut down every single thing related to Palm OS development. After Googling a lot I found out CodeWarrior was the de facto IDE for Palm OS development... but I was soon disappointed as I learned that Palm moved from the 68K architecture to ARM, and of course, CodeWarrior was just focused on Palm OS 4 development. Now, I realize Palm OS 4 software can be run on Palm OS 5, but I'm looking to use some of the 'newer' APIs. Also, I have the Wi-fi add-on card so I wanted to create something that uses it. I thought what I needed was PODS (Palm OS Development Suite) but not only I can't find it anywhere but also it seems it was deprecated during Palm OS's lifetime. It really doesn't help the fact that I'm a beginner, but I really want to give this platform some life. Any general tip, book, working link or even anecdotes related to all this will be greatly appreciated.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

19:31 Bachelorette Finale: Who 'Won'? Who Wept? Who Blabbed a Sex Secret?» TVLine » TVLine
The choice wasn’t easy: Handsome lugnut with laborador enthusiasm and the conversational depth of a self-service supermarket checkout machine or smarmy-but-smart goofball with unfortunate hair-helmet issues. One thing was certain as The Bachelorette: A District Attorney Sacrifices Her Professional Credibility for Love (or Its TV Equivalent) came to an end tonight: No way was Andi […]
19:30 LG's 105-inch 4K TV is here, if you can afford it» Engadget RSS Feed
Sure, Samsung just launched its 105-inch ultrawidescreen, Ultra HD TV, but if spending $120,000 on such a screen is probably out of reach there may be a solution. For the the budget minded-consumer, we'd recommend taking a look at LG's 105-inch 4K...
19:06 Google's next Nexus device is reportedly a super-sized phablet» Engadget RSS Feed
Don't get too excited, but rumors are starting to break regarding Google's sixth Nexus phone: an oversized handset codenamed "Shamu." According to Android Police, the device is rumored to be a 5.9-inch handset made by Motorola -- leveraging Google's...
19:00 Next Level Cosplay» Neatorama

Look who showed up at Comic Con! Or are they just the best cosplayers ever?

Underneath the clothing of Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega are actors Elliot Branch and Dave Cobert, who both appeared in the short Killing Tarantino (NSFW) as the characters who inspired Pulp Fiction. They occasionally do this act on the streets of Hollywood as well. -via reddit

18:05 Self-driving mini truck put to the test by US Marines» Engadget RSS Feed
Automakers aren't the only ones working to implement self-driving technology. The US Marine Corps has teamed up with TORC Robotics' (among others) to work on a Jeep-esque option outfitted with the company's Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate system --...
18:00 Trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies» Neatorama

YouTube Link

Another day, another movie trailer screened at Comic Con Los Angeles. Featured on Sunday, the final day of Comic Con, was The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The film is again directed by Peter Jackson, who made a comment to the press stating that this is merely a teaser trailer of the film, adding that the full trailer won't be released until October.

Jackson also said that this film is darker than those in the franchise that preceeded it. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Lee Pace, Luke Evans and Evangline Lilly, is scheduled to be released on December 17, 2014.


17:40 Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children» Slashdot
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Pregnant women who smoke don't just harm the health of their baby—they may actually impair their child's DNA, according to new research. A genetic analysis shows that the children of mothers who smoke harbor far more chemical modifications of their genome — known as epigenetic changes — than kids of non-smoking mothers. Many of these are on genes tied to addiction and fetal development. The finding may explain why the children of smokers continue to suffer health complications later in life.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

17:39 The Five Most Poisonous Substances: From Polonium to Mercury» LiveScience.com
With the announcement of an inquiry into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, talk of poisons is back in the news.
17:27 Engadget Daily: credit card skimming, floating 'Star Wars' holograms and more!» Engadget RSS Feed
Today, we investigated the tech behind credit card skimming, looked at floating 3D video, learned about next gen lithium ion batteries and checked our Uber passenger ratings. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours....
17:15 Watch Live: Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Lights Up the Night Sky» WIRED
[HTML1] You can watch the spectacular night sky show of the Delta Aquarid meteor shower with a live online broadcast from the Slooh Space Camera, starting tonight at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET. Meteor showers occur when the Earth passes through the debris left behind by a comet as it swung in close to the […]

17:09 The first Science Hack Day in China» Boing Boing

An Oculus earthquake simulator, a 3D-printed miniature drone, a solar-powered umbrella, pH paintings, a weather-forecasting necklace. It's easy to be enamored of the whimsical prototypes created during China's first Science Hack Day in Shanghai.

Read the rest
17:00 The 1944 science fiction story that predicted the atomic bomb» Boing Boing
In 1944, fully a year before the first successful nuclear test, Astounding Science Fiction magazine published a remarkably detailed description of an atomic bomb in a story called Deadline. The story, by the otherwise undistinguished author Cleve Cartmill, sent military intelligence racing to discover the source of his information — and his motives for publishing it. Read the rest
17:00 McGroarty Achieves Room Temperature!» Neatorama

No, you didn’t know Kevin J. McGroarty, unless you are lucky enough to live in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. But you might get to know him a little now, thanks to an extraordinary obituary he probably wrote himself. It begins with a headline: “McGroarty Achieves Room Temperature!” and covers his life from birth. An excerpt:

He enjoyed elaborate practical jokes, over-tipping in restaurants, sushi and Marx Brother's movies. He led a crusade to promote area midget wrestling, and in his youth was noted for his many unsanctioned daredevil stunts.

He was preceded in death by brother, Airborne Ranger Lt. Michael F. McGroarty, and many beloved pets, Chainsaw, an English Mastiff in Spring 2009, Baron, an Irish Setter in August 1982, Peter Max, a turtle, Summer 1968; along with numerous house flies and bees, but they were only acquaintances.

McGroarty leaves behind no children (that he knows of), but if he did their names would be son, "Almighty Thor" McGroarty; and daughter, "Butter Cup Patchouli."

You can read the rest at the Times-Leader.-Thanks, Kim Paladino!

16:59 Apple Allows the World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet Back Into Its Store» WIRED
It looks like Apple has finally changed its stance on bitcoin. Six months after Apple removed Blockchain from its online App Store—effectively preventing people from using the popular bitcoin wallet app on the iPhone and the iPad—the tech giant has now allowed the app back into the store. “This seems to be the first strong […]

16:57 What's on your HDTV: 'Sharknado 2', 'Twin Peaks' Blu-ray, TLoU and NFL» Engadget RSS Feed
Syfy is going to try to capture social media lightning in a bottle one more time, with the sequel to last summer's bad-but-popular Sharknado. We're not exactly sure what Sharknado 2: The Second One is about but suspect has some combination of sharks...
16:53 Ebola is 'just a plane ride away' from the USA, as outbreak spreads in West Africa» Boing Boing
Reuters/Tommy Trenchar.

Reuters/Tommy Trenchar.

The West African nation of Liberia closed most border crossings and mandated strict health measures to try and stem the Ebola virus outbreak that has killed at least 660 people in West Africa since February, and continues to spread.

Read the rest

16:40 Samsung Delays Tizen Phone Launch» Slashdot
New submitter tekxtc (136198) writes Slashdot has reported in the past that a Tizen phone is coming and that the design and photos leaked. But, it has just been announced that the launch of the first Tizen phone has been delayed because of Tizen's small ecosystem. Should it ever ship? Haven't Android and iOS completely cornered the market? Is there any hope for the likes of Tizen, Firefox OS, and Windows on phones and tablets?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

16:40 OKCupid Experiments on Users Too» Slashdot
With recent news that Facebook altered users' feeds as part of a psychology experiment, OKCupid has jumped in and noted that they too have altered their algorithms and experimented with their users (some unintentional) and "if you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site. That’s how websites work." Findings include that removing pictures from profiles resulted in deeper conversations, but as soon as the pictures returned appearance took over; personality ratings are highly correlated with appearance ratings (profiles with attractive pictures and no other information still scored as having a great personality); and that suggesting a bad match is a good match causes people to converse nearly as much as ideal matches would.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

16:28 Amazon Stays the Course as Its Stock Tanks» WIRED
The train hurtles down the track, the engineer oblivious to the vanished bridge the villain just dynamited to smithereens. For some investors, that train is Amazon and the engineer is CEO Jeff Bezos, who is throwing every kind of fuel he can imagine into the firebox to keep his locomotive moving: A phone. Drones. Self-produced […]

16:28 Apple Doubles Down on Personalized Radio With Swell Acquisition» WIRED
If that $3 billion acquisition of Beats didn't have you convinced, Apple is getting serious about the radio business.

16:25 Stopping Deadly Ebola Outbreak Will Be a 'Marathon,' CDC Says» LiveScience.com
The deadly Ebola virus is one flight away from the United States, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not as concerned about home country as it is for West African countries with weaker healthcare system.
16:25 Once Upon a Time Season 4 Casts Shameless Star as Frozen's Hans; John Rhys-Davies to Voice Rock Troll» TVLine » TVLine
Once Upon a Time has added a familiar face — and a very familiar voice — to its Season 4 riff on Frozen. Tyler Jacob Moore (Shameless, GCB) has been cast as Anna’s onetime suitor, Hans, E! Online reports. The recurring character — who will first appear in Episode 3 — is described as “a […]
16:21 HTC's next Windows Phone is coming to Verizon with an awkward name» Engadget RSS Feed
More than a few eyebrows were raised when talk surfaced of an HTC One for Windows Phone. How close would it be to the Android original? Would it bring anything new to the table? And what's the name, for that matter? Thankfully, sources for Engadget...
16:04 Steve Ballmer can buy the LA Clippers, judge rules» Boing Boing


In Los Angeles Superior Court today, a judge gave Shelly Sterling "a sweeping victory," clearing the way for former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's $2-billion purchase of basketball team the LA Clippers. Read the rest

16:00 Video Compilation of Chemical Reactions» Neatorama

YouTube Link

This way cool video is a compilation of chemical reactions footage. Explosion. Disintegration. Deformation. Combustion. Whatever the reaction, it's all in the name of good, scientific fun. Via Geeks Are Sexy.

15:54 BMW's fast electric car charger rolls out to the US» Engadget RSS Feed
Many direct current fast chargers aren't exactly practical, even for stores that expect a lot of traffic; they're frequently massive, power-hungry and expensive. BMW knows that's a problem, which is why it just brought its i DC Fast Charger to North...
15:47 OkCupid admits to Facebook-style experimenting on customers» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

OkCupid Admits To Facebook-style Experimenting On CustomersBy Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - OkCupid, a top U.S. matchmaking website, intentionally mismatched users to test its technology, the IAC/InterActive Corp service said on Monday, weeks after Facebook Inc admitted to misleading users in a psychological study. "When we tell people they are a good match, they act as if they are," co-founder Christian Rudder wrote in a blog post. "Even when they should be wrong for each other." Conversely, couples told they were bad matches, even when OkCupid's algorithm showed the opposite, were less likely to exchange four messages. Exchanging four messages is an OkCupid measure for gauging romantic interest.

15:35 New Findings On Graphene As a Conductor With IC Components» Slashdot
ClockEndGooner (1323377) writes Philadelphia's NPR affiliate, WHYY FM, reported today on their Newsworks program that a research team at the University of Pennsylvania have released their preliminary findings on the use of graphene as a conductor in the next generation of computer chips. From the article: "'It's very, very strong mechanically, and it is an excellent electronic material that might be used in future computer chips,' said Charlie Johnson, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania. ... Future graphene transistors, Johnson said, are likely to be only tens of atoms across."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

15:30 What's So Special About Google's Health Study?» LiveScience.com
What if, in addition to your medical history, your doctor knew about your Internet search history, kept track of your emails and took photos of your house?
15:15 Weight-Loss Supplement Linked to Liver Failure Case» LiveScience.com
A healthy 35-year-old woman who took a weight-loss supplement developed liver failure, and needed a liver transplant, according to a new report of her case.
15:12 U.S. social media asks: Who is that woman in black?» Internet News Headlines - Yahoo! News

woman in blackBy Brendan O'Brien (Reuters) - A quiet woman wearing a flowing, black dress and mysteriously strolling along busy highways in parts of the U.S. Southeast and Midwest has the curious wondering who she is and spurred a social media site to document her trek. She has been dubbed the "Woman in Black," by TV stations, police and followers on the Web, including those on a Facebook page where she has been tracked on a nearly 500-mile journey with a black bag and walking stick in hand that has taken her from Ranger, Georgia, to Athens, Ohio, since July 18. Raymond Poles told Reuters he is the woman's brother, identifying her as Elizabeth Poles, 56, a U.S. Army veteran, mother of two children and a widow from Motts, Alabama. Elizabeth Poles had been receiving treatment at Veterans Affairs hospitals to deal with the deaths of her husband in 2008 and her father in 2009, he said.

15:01 First Look: Gracepoint Detective Issues a Stern Warning to Danny's Killer» TVLine » TVLine
“There will be no hiding place for Danny’s killer.” So avows David Tennant’s Detective Emmett Carver in a haunting new promo for Fox’s Gracepoint. RELATED Gracepoint EPs: Fox Series ‘Diverges In Significant Ways’ From Broadchurch A Stateside adaptation of ITV’s Broadchurch (which also starred Tennant as the lead investigator), Gracepoint revolves around the tragic death […]
15:00 Gentle Brain» Neatorama

“It’s a good thing you don’t have a brain, or you’d just take it out and play with it.” That’s a memorable line from a radio skit, but it applies well to Gentle Brain, an interactive web toy where you can play around with your brain. If you drop it, and you will, that’s okay, because there’s another one where that one came from, and it’s just as good. Gentle Brain was commissioned for MUDA, Museum for Digital Art, opening later this year in Zurich, Switzerland. -via the Presurfer

14:59 Mac users: replace your dock with StatusDuck» Boing Boing

David makes fun of me for having so many Menu Bar items. Now that I am using StatusDuck ($15, free to try), he has even more fodder.

Read the rest
14:35 The Misleading Fliers Comcast Used To Kill Off a Local Internet Competitor» Slashdot
Jason Koebler (3528235) writes In the months and weeks leading up to a referendum vote that would have established a locally owned fiber network in three small Illinois cities, Comcast and SBC (now AT&T) bombarded residents and city council members with disinformation, exaggerations, and outright lies to ensure the measure failed. The series of two-sided postcards painted municipal broadband as a foolhardy endeavor unfit for adults, responsible people, and perhaps as not something a smart woman would do. Municipal fiber was a gamble, a high-wire act, a game, something as "SCARY" as a ghost. Why build a municipal fiber network, one asked, when "internet service [is] already offered by two respectable private businesses?" In the corner, in tiny print, each postcard said "paid for by SBC" or "paid for by Comcast." The postcards are pretty absurd and worth a look.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

14:35 A Fictional Compression Metric Moves Into the Real World» Slashdot
Tekla Perry (3034735) writes The 'Weissman Score' — created for HBO's "Silicon Valley" to add dramatic flair to the show's race to build the best compression algorithm — creates a single score by considering both the compression ratio and the compression speed. While it was created for a TV show, it does really work, and it's quickly migrating into academia. Computer science and engineering students will begin to encounter the Weissman Score in the classroom this fall."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

14:00 Wheels of a Car Go Round and Round» Neatorama

Vimeo Link

Ryan Fox, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, attached a GoPro camera to a tire of his car for his Video Sketchbook course. The result is hypnotic and kaleidoscopic. (Warning: As you would imagine with a video of rapid rotation, the footage is dizzying.) Via Colossal. 

13:56 7 Absolutely Horrible Head Infections» LiveScience.com
A countdown of the most horrible head infections.
13:44 Stunning Oasis in the Desert Seen from Space (Photo)» LiveScience.com
A snapshot from the International Space Station captures the Okavango Delta of Botswana in shimmery glory. This enormous inland delta is home to many of Africa's iconic species.
13:38 Russian militant leader: evidence of MH17 shootdown shopped, he can tell by the pixels» Boing Boing

Alexander Borodai, and the GIF that keeps on giving. Read the rest

13:28 NYPD gathering evidence in Brooklyn Bridge flag prank» Boing Boing


Police in New York City are said to be examining some 18,000 license plate numbers, looking through social media, poring over cell phone communications, and possibly collecting DNA in an investigation into who climbed the Brooklyn Bridge late at night to plant two bleached-white American flags. Read the rest

13:26 A Credit Card-Sized, Arduino-Based Game Device (Video)» Slashdot
Slashdot's Tim Lord was cruising the halls at OSCON, where he spotted Kevin Bates and his tiny Arduino-based device, called the Arduboy. On Kevin's Tindie.com sales page, he says the games it can run include, "Space Rocks, Snake, Flappy Ball, Chess, Breakout, and many more...The most exciting one could be made by you!" || His work with Arduboy got Kevin invited to the recent White House Maker Faire, where he rubbed shoulders (and shot selfies with) Bill Nye the Science Guy, Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas, and Arduino creator Massimo Banzi. || Does Kevin have a Kickstarter in the works? There's nothing about Arduboy on Kickstarter.com, and given the Arduboy's simplicity and low price (currently $50), plus stories about it everywhere from Time.com to engadget to Slashdot, he may not need any financing or capital to make his idea succeed. (Alternate Video Link)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

13:09 These Facial Features Matter Most to First Impressions» LiveScience.com
First impressions of people, such as whether they are trustworthy, dominant or attractive, can develop from a glimpse as brief as 100 milliseconds or less. And now a computer system can identify which facial features matter most to such first impressions.
13:00 Cat Stuck in Bird Feeder» Neatorama

We make jokes about how cats look at bird feeders as food traps, but this bird feeder trapped the cat instead of the bird. A cat named Butterscotch in Brandon, Manitoba, got his head stuck inside a bird feeder. The stray is wandering the neighborhood and evades attempts to catch him.

“He was meowing a little bit as if he wanted somebody to help him, but he’s a stray and he’s obviously afraid of people, so I wasn’t able to get near him,” said Colleen Gareau, who first spotted the distressed cat Wednesday morning.

Staff with the city’s pound have tried to catch Butterscotch. So have volunteers from a local animal group, who have been baiting traps with tuna, sardines and cat food.

The traps are ones used for larger animals because the cat wouldn’t fit into a regular cat trap because of the feeder.

So far, Butterscotch has given everyone the slip.

The cat can see around the feeder with one eye, and can even leap fences. No one has yet stepped forward to claim ownership of Butterscotch. It is hoped that he will enter a trap when he is hungry enough. -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Colleen Gareau/The Canadian Press)

Brandon & Area Lost Animals has a Facebook thread with updates on Butterscotch’s predicament.

12:49 Even a 5-Minute Run Is Great for Heart Health» LiveScience.com
Think you don't have time for a workout that will benefit your health? You may want to think again: A new study finds that running as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day may reduce the risk of death.
12:29 Ex-CIA officials named in US torture report won't get to read it» Boing Boing
First they were told they'd be allowed to read the report, then the offer was withdrawn. Why was it made in the first place? Read the rest
12:25 Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?» Slashdot
Bennett Haselton writes: I can't stand switching from a slideout-keyboard phone to a touchscreen phone, and my own informal online survey found a slight majority of people who prefer slideout keyboards even more than I do. Why will no carrier make them available, at any price, except occasionally as the crummiest low-end phones in the store? Bennett's been asking around, of store managers and users, and arrives at even more perplexing questions. Read on, below.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

12:25 Ask Slashdot: Preparing an Android Tablet For Resale?» Slashdot
UrsaMajor987 (3604759) writes I have a Asus Transformer tablet that I dropped on the floor. There is no obvious sign of damage but It will no longer boot. Good excuse to get a newer model. I intend to sell it for parts (it comes with an undamaged keyboard) or maybe just toss it. I want to remove all my personal data. I removed the flash memory card but what about the other storage? I know how to wipe a hard drive, but how do you wipe a tablet? If you were feeling especially paranoid, but wanted to keep the hardware intact for the next user, what would you do?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

12:24 Holy Hogwarts! New 'Invisible' Materials Made with Light» LiveScience.com
Invisibility cloaks may not be a reality yet, but a new method of building materials with light could one day be used to make these kinds of cloaking devices, researchers say.
12:18 Human Rights Watch report: Surveillance is harming democracy» Boing Boing
Government surveillance and secrecy "are undermining press freedom, the public’s right to information, and the right to counsel, all human rights essential to a healthy democracy," reports HRW and the ACLU. Read the rest
12:11 Feds say court-ordered wiretaps are harder because more now use chat, IM» Boing Boing
"A 'large percentage' of wiretap orders to pick up the communications of suspected spies and foreign agents are not being fulfilled, FBI officials said." Read the rest
12:06 Earth May Be in Early Days of 6th Mass Extinction» LiveScience.com
The previous mass extinction, which wiped out the dinosaurs, happened about 65 million years ago, likely from a catastrophic asteroid that collided with Earth. In contrast, the looming sixth mass extinction is linked to human activity.
12:01 Brain Gains: Women Getting Smarter Faster Than Men» LiveScience.com
Improved education and living conditions have narrowed the gender gap in math but have made women much better at certain memory tasks, new research suggests.
12:00 Surreal Chrome Shark Gun Sculptures» Neatorama

People are constantly unveiling their latest crazy gun mods online, but I have yet to see a mod that involves turning guns into shiny sharks, until now...

Christopher Shulz's chrome shark gun hybrid sculptures could be a biting commentary about the ongoing gun debate, custom made weapons for a flashy warlord who really loves sharks, or simply Christopher's way of playing with form and function.

According to the artist Shark Guns are "3D metal sculptures combining sharks and guns that are meant to evoke a prescribed reaction from misinformation."

Whatever the motivation behind the creation of these shiny shark shooters one thing is certain- nothing barks and bites quite like a shark-shaped gun!

-Via Laughing Squid

11:37 Unbored – A zillion ways for kids to keep busy and engage with life» Boing Boing

I’m always amazed when one of my daughter’s friends comes to me and says she’s bored. As if I’m supposed to put on a pair of tap shoes and dance a jig for her. My daughter knows better than to say the B-word, but I can always tell when she’s at a loss for something to do by the way she lies limply across the arm of the couch, her head dangling towards the floor, her voice depleted of emotion. Next time this happens I will suggest Unbored (which, when she picked it up for the first time yesterday, didn’t put it down for almost an hour).

A collection of inspiring activities, projects, and articles on freeing up your creativity (by the authors as well as many other DIY experts, including an introduction by my husband Mark), Unbored offers a zillion ways to keep busy, stay engaged, and connect with the outside world. Start a band, make a zine, teach “your grown-ups” how to geocache, trick your friends into saving the planet, tell your politicians what you think, build a backyard fort, make a pet robot controller… The book is fun, instructional, edgy (create different colors of fire, take an adventurous gap year between high school and college, spray paint your bedroom walls, read banned books), and has insightful lessons on how to engage with life rather than allowing life to pass by like a boring television commercial. And as a parent, it’s nice to be reminded not to fall into the trap of smothering helicopter parenting, passive parenting (screens!), over-scheduled parenting, and all the other pitfalls of modern life that turn our kids into lethargic, helpless, unthinking slugs. Unbored belongs in every kid’s – and parent’s – library. Read the rest

11:30 When she finished her pitch, the investor said he didn’t invest in women» Boing Boing
"I don’t like the way women think. They haven’t mastered linear thinking."
11:30 2 New Shirts for 'Mario Bros.' and 'The Shining' Fans» Cracked: All Posts
By CRACKED Staff  Published: July 28th, 2014  No time to waste, friend. It's summer, it's too danged hot, and you need as many shirts on hand as possible. Don't fear lower-back sweat knocking out more of your laundry stockpile. We've literally got you covered. If you're a video game character,
11:25 US States Edge Toward Cryptocoin Regulation» Slashdot
SonicSpike points out an article from the Pew Charitable Trusts' Research & Analysis department on the legislation and regulation schemes emerging in at least a few states in reaction to the increasing use of digital currencies like Bitcoin. A working group called the Conference of State Bank Supervisors’ Emerging Payments Task Force has been surveying the current landscape of state rules and approaches to digital currencies, a topic on which state laws are typically silent. In April, the task force presented a model consumer guidance to help states provide consumers with information about digital currencies. A number of states, including California, Massachusetts and Texas, have issued warnings to consumers that virtual currencies are not subject to “traditional regulation or monetary policy,” including insurance, bonding and other security measures, and that values can fluctuate dramatically. ... The article focuses on the high-population, big-economy states of New York, California and Texas, with a touch of Kansas -- but other states are sure to follow. Whether you live in the U.S. or not, are there government regulations that you think would actually make sense for digital currencies?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

11:21 Frog Population Decline Linked to Killer Pathogen» LiveScience.com
Ranavirus may be partly to blame for dwindling frog populations.
11:00 Clootie Wells» Neatorama

(vimeo link)

There are several places in Scotland, England, and Ireland where the trees are wrapped with rags. These are clootie wells, forests with mineral springs that are believed to have healing powers. A relic of ancient paganism, the idea is that if you have an ailment, you should wash the afflicted area in water from these springs. Then you tie the rag you used around a tree, and as the rag rots, your ailment will disappear. You can see the problem here: Cotton and wool rags may take years to rot, but polyester can take centuries, which means more and more rags survive longer and damage the forest. But it’s terrible luck to remove them. Read more about this ancient practice at Atlas Obscura.

10:58 Mammoths and Mastodons of the Ohio Valley Were Homebodies» LiveScience.com
Mammoths and mastodons of present-day southwestern Ohio and northwestern Kentucky, were homebodies that tended to stay in one area, a new study finds.
10:56 Israel, PA lash out at Kerry over truce bid» AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)
US secretary of state's bid to broker a ceasefire was dubbed a 'surrender' to Hamas.
10:47 King Richard III's Hasty Grave Opened to the Public» LiveScience.com
The public can now visit the first, but not final, resting place of King Richard III of England. The king's bones were found in 2012 in a parking lot in Leicester, England.
10:30 Citizen Science Aims to Clean Up Pacific Plastics » LiveScience.com
COASST studies seasonal patterns of ocean debris to aid in the clean up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
10:25 Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs» Slashdot
jfruh (300774) writes "For some time, Intel has been offering custom-tweaked chips to big customers. While most of the companies that have taken them up on this offer, like Facebook and eBay, put the chips into servers meant for internal use, Oracle will now be selling systems running on custom Xeons directly to end users. Those customers need to be careful about how they configure those systems, though: in the new Oracle 12c, the in-memory database option, which costs $23,000 per processor, is turned on by default."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

10:25 Internet Census 2012 Data Examined: Authentic, But Chaotic and Unethical» Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes "A team of researchers at the TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen presented an analysis of the Internet Census 2012 data set (here's the PDF) in the July edition of the ACM Sigcomm Computer Communication Review journal. After its release on March 17, 2013 by an anonymous author, the Internet Census data created an immediate media buzz, mainly due to its unethical data collection methodology that exploited default passwords to form the Carna botnet. The now published analysis suggests that the released data set is authentic and not faked, but also reveals a rather chaotic picture. The Census suffers from a number of methodological flaws and also lacks meta-data information, which renders the data unusable for many further analyses. As a result, the researchers have not been able to verify several claims that the anonymous author(s) made in the published Internet Census report. The researchers also point to similar but legal efforts measuring the Internet and remark that the illegally measured Internet Census 2012 is not only unethical but might have been overrated by the press."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

10:24 Pacific Ocean Garbage Swirls Predictably | Video» LiveScience.com
The 'Pacific Garbage Patch', including debris from the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, travels in seasonal patterns. Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team's executive direct Julia Parrish explains the patterns. Full Story: http://goo.gl/IQ5gPC
10:00 Imperial Propaganda Posters» Neatorama

The posters pictured here were distributed by the Star Wars Rebels group at Comic Con San Diego with the following note:

"It is by Imperial Decree that you are requested to proudly display these posters on behalf of your Empire. As loyal residents of one of the Empire's most vital stations on the Outer Rim, your compliance is appreciated. Imperial Service is a noble endeavor which paves the way for your freedom and security.

Remember, it is the will of Emperor Palpatine to ensure the future of a stable and prosperous galaxy." 

Who will fall in line with this blatant propaganda? It remains to be seen. Via i09.

09:30 D.B. Cooper» Neatorama

The man we know as D.B. Cooper has not been seen since he jumped out of an airplane in 1971. Or has he been seen by, uh, hundreds of moviegoers? Randall Munroe of xkcd has an intriguing theory that explains everything.