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Ariane Version 2 Dated 2004-2008

Ariane Version 1 (2001-2003)

This version coincided with the Date Simulator project.  Ariane 2 was based on DAZ Victoria 3 model.

A merge with a Second Life street scene
Using a "depth of field" technique

Underwear modeling in a shiny black room

The classic girl and sports car picture

The avatar I use on many of the websites I join

"Nerdcore" is a parody style where gamer girls pose wearing nothing but game controllers

And now it is time for the evening gown
competition. Judges?

ArianeB Cityscape
This pseudo futurist pic uses a computer generated cityscape as a background.

ArianeB Castle
An elegant Renaissance like image. Notice the subtle folds of the dress.

Bad Girl!
(contains nudity)

ArianeB Nude
A cool picture from the "Dating Sim" project

ArianeB Black and White
An enhanced "lost" picture from the Dating Sim project (contains nudity)

 ArianeB Portrait 1
An eerily realistic head shot.

ArianeB Nude
A modest "nude". Cool moody pic though.

ArianeB Black and White
Going for the artistic B&W shot here.

ArianeB Second Life 2.0
What Second Life 2.0 should look like.