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Ariane Version 3 (2011-Present)

Ariane Version 2 Dated 2004-2008

Ariane Version 1 (2001-2003)

The latest Ariane is based on Victoria 4.  Click links above for older pictures.

An experiment in realism using Poser 11.

Sexy picture using a new set

Halloween pick from Rachel Meets Ariane

An artistic avatar for web use.

Me as an evil cyborg

A tribute to "Orphan Black"

From Date Ariane Update

A tribute to "Doctor Who"

A nice avatar for web use.

Lunch from "A Day In The Life" project

From Date Ariane Update (Nudity)

From Date Ariane Update

A picture from Something's In The Air

Something's In The Air Epilogue (nudity)

From the SITA pinup project (nudity)

A steampunk style outfit

Hanging out on a beach

Alone in a deep dark forest (nudity)

First picture with new model.

A downtown street scene made for the "sequel"

At the office

"Come on in and join me"

Drinking Buds

Visiting the Grand Canyon